Wrapped In Love

If you know me well, I am not often rendered speechless, I do, however, “tear up” pretty easily (TV shows, movies, hallmark cards, commercials, events in my children’s lives…. I cry when I’m happy and when I’m sad). I will get to the point now….

I received a package in the mail late Thursday (February, 2009) from Amanda Cathleen and couldn’t even imagine what it could be. (Amanda has had the most incredible knack of contacting me or sending me a little gift when I have most needed a nudge to keep me in a positive frame of mind over the last year and a half.) In any event, I opened the package to find beautiful tissue paper edged with hearts (hearts and Panda’s are two of my favorite things) and as I unwrapped the tissue I came upon a pile of cards and THE MOST GORGEOUS shawl I have ever seen (knit in my favorite color no less). I stood there like a fool staring at it, not immediately comprehending what had taken place to prompt this incredible gift and then…. the tears began in ernest! Standing there holding this shawl and reading the beautiful messages on the ribbons attached to it, I realized what my most dear knitting friends had done. As I read the card Amanda enclosed explaining this gift, looked at the list of people who had knit their love into it and where it had traveled, a warmth that I can’t even BEGIN to describe enfolded me.

My husband came home from work to find me sitting at the kitchen table with this beautiful gift wrapped around me, the cards spread out on the table and the tears streaming down my face. He isn’t one to read cards, but he sat down (as did my girls) and read every one, including the ribbons and said … “this is incredible!”

I can’t find words to adequately express just how MUCH this beautiful gift; the time, the effort, the talent, the prayers and healing thoughts that went into it means to me…. as I said before, I am speechless!


This is Amanda’s Card explaining this most precious gift


The cards and list enclosed in the box


The messages written on the ribbons


When I am up to it, this is where I Knit

I know that a lot of you have your own health and “life” issues ~ ~ thank you will never encompass what I want to say to you all, not only for this most “incredible” gift, but for the emails of encouragement and concern, Dr. referrals, healing thoughts and prayers and the love I feel knit into every stitch….

I love you all and I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Amanda Cathleen, Leslee, Cindy, Dorothy, Michelle & Lois, Kimberly, Jane, Karen, Kelly, Kimberly, Cheryl, Karen, Karen, Julie, Bethe, Lynne, Amy, Cindy, Christine, Carrie, June, Kristie, Janine


Just LOOK at this….. Speechless!


This series of events are what prompted this wonderful gift. 

I will forever be grateful to these wonderful, wonderful Knitting friends