About Me take 2 :)


  1. I am still a wee bit Tightly Wound at times, and I still Loosen Up  whenever I can with Knitting 🙂  (some things just never change)
  2. I am so very lucky and blessed to still be “here” to enjoy my children, husband and life after this series of events.
  3. Due to that series of events, I am begging all of my “friends” to be super proactive with their health.
  4. This blog and Ravelry have given me the gift of “friends” that are equal to none that I have ever known.
  5. I have proof of the above fact…. check these links out and I am absolutely certain your heart will be touched!  Wrapped in LoveThe Recipe for One Big Fibery Hug, Amanda Cathleen –One Big Fibery Hug (Ravelry), Somebunny’s Love, Hug, Guilty Pleasure’s Hug, Julie’s Hug, Amy’s Hug
  6. There truly are no words for these and the many, many other “hug” knitters who participated in this gift. (Amanda Cathleen, Leslee, Cindy, Dorothy, Michelle & Lois, Kimberly, Jane, Karen, Kelly, Kimberly, Cheryl, Karen, Karen, Julie, Bethe, Lynne, Amy, Cindy, Christine, Carrie, June, Kristie, Janine )

to be continued….