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When reality strikes…

It is school vacation week in this frozen, snowy wasteland I call home.  School Vacation week for me is usually a lovely week off where I have delusions of getting my home put back in order, cooking wonderful, healthy meals for my family, baking delicious desserts and when all of this domestic engineering is completed, I get to sit in my favorite chair with a nice hot cup of coffee or tea and knit with my faithful and loving dog at my feet….

The reality is… I came down with the flu over the first weekend of vacation, and when the spine snapping chills subsided and my head stopped feeling as though it would combust if I moved it too quickly, I managed to work my way to my chair with some knitting and the dog… lol

IMG_3291 IMG_3292

I finally ventured out for an appointment yesterday, and since I recently discovered there is an LYS in my area that I had no idea existed, I made a slight detour to check it out.  I  honestly couldn’t have been more thrilled.  The owner is an absolute joy to talk to, the shop is cozy, beautifully setup, and the yarn… oh HEAVEN!  A few little goodies came home with me to help with my recovery and to cheer the winter blues away…

FullSizeRender - Copy (4)  FullSizeRender (9) - Copy

and just because this was so cheerful and cute…FullSizeRender (10) - Copy

I also think I may have finally found the solution to my painful, winter  hands.  My fingers split, bleed and destroy just about anything I touch when the weather turns in the fall.  I have tried absolutely everything out there, from prescriptions to over the counter remedies and I have enough lotions and creams to open my own little store.  A friend of ours saw my bleeding fingers recently and was adamant that the Working Hands by O’Keefe is what I had to buy… well, hope springs eternal, so out I went.  It works!  It is incredible… it works, it is amazing and I can knit!!!  I top it off with the Gloves in a Bottle and my hands are soft, smooth and no longer painful, bleeding and splitting 🙂FullSizeRender (7) - Copy

I hope you are all staying warm and cozy this week… I’m off with my cup of coffee, box of tissues and some knitting… the dog is napping and the house can wait!


~Socks, Socks, Socks~

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I spent a fantastic day with my daughter Emily yesterday. We went shopping and I bought a few “to me, from me” birthday gifts. The Socks, Socks, Socks, book is great, I had never seen it before. There is quite a variety of socks in there, and Em and I have picked out some that we must have (I’ll try to post some more pics soon). Socks Plain and Simple, just arrived and I look forward to spending some time looking through it later. As promised, here is a pic of one of the Trekking skeins – My daughter Melyssa picked that one for her socks and I chose the Swizzle – they are both gorgeous! I also picked up some Wooly Nylon to use as reinforcement in the heels of socks. If there is anyone out there reading this blog, I’d love to know your opinion and/or experience with Wooly Nylon. Does it extend the life of the sock? How is it to work with?

Here is the result of my Sock Profile, It seems there is no hope for me~ lol.
Super long sock
Wow! You would have been a pair of socks as long
as it’s possible for socks to be before they’re
tights – and all multi-coloured with pretty
patterns and detail all over the place – then
you could stand and admire your sock-self all
What type of sock are you?
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I wish you all a great Sunday, I will be going out for a relaxing Birthday Dinner with my DH and girls – some knitting in the car – and a snuggle up on the couch with the girls for a movie night!
Happy Knitting!

~Another 10 Years Off…~

Children are one of life’s greatest blessings, and also a sure ticket to an early grave!Apparently, my lovely daughter walked out of the bathroom after taking a shower and dressing, and called out…. “Daddy!!!!! I can’t see!!!!!!!!! and promptly passed out! The poor man caught her before she hit the ceramic tile floor (he is truly hero of the day) and while he was calling 911, she came to. The ambulance was cancelled and Dr. “Mom” was called – what a heartwrenching call.
Suffice it to say, I rushed home, rushed her to the Doctor – all is well – she is fine now. She is actually MUCH better than her poor Daddy, who might very well hesitate to stay home with an ill child again. This “pp” moment is good for “another 10 years” off of these parent’s lives. Although if 10 years were removed for every “pp” moment we’ve had so far, I don’t believe I would be here writing this. Although, we love our children and tell them so every chance we get, it is moment’s like these that make us realize, all over again, just how DEEPLY THEY ARE LOVED and how horrible it is to see them ill. They truly are a BLESSING!
Knitting? What knitting? I WILL knit the matching Red Sox Sock earring this weekend even though our beloved team lost. I must say the White Sox played a phenomenal game this evening and I hope they are able to break their “curse” and have a celebratory year like we did last year!
I did stumble upon a bargain the other day – Lots of Bernat and Lily Cotton, to make up a bunch of these for the holidays. I promise to get a shot of the trekking soon. It’s been a long day, I think I’ll go and sit with the DD for a bit before she drifts off to sleep. An extra hug and kiss all around!

My children are getting older – 18,16,13 and 11, a son and three daughters – we’ve had our share of “parental panic” moments – (i.e., 3 year old son tripping over sister and splitting forehead open – 3 1/2 year old daughter belting herself into Dad’s truck, somehow kicking the shift into neutral rolling truck down the driveway (after Mom tells Dad not to trust 3 1/2 yr old daughter by turning his back on her for even a nano second- husband is, by the grace of God, still in one piece as is the lovely child who, by the way, is the topic of today’s “pp” moment….. more on that soon) – another child, out cold in a soccer goal after her head meets an opposing player’s knee (they didn’t score) – 2 1/2 yr old sitting on steps mere inches away from me, inserts her head inbetween bars of wrought iron railing— need I say MORE????! – a lovely Police officer and the ENTIRE volunteer fire department showed up along with an ambulance and the rescue truck! The lovely Police Officer just wanted to spread apart the bars and get her little head out, but … alas, it must have been an incredibly boring day for the rest of the town, as they proceeded to saw the railing apart while blocking off my entire road with their vehicles Although grateful for their response, the curiosity factor it produced was incredible……. you get the idea. There are less of the “pp” moments now, unless I stop to REALLY think about what my oldest “could” be doing while away at college, but for sanity’s sake, I won’t travel THAT road right now.
Fast forward to today… my beautiful 13 yr old daughter came home not feeling well from school yesterday and stayed home today. My DH stayed home with her today so that I could go in to work. I received a phone call from the normally calm, now COMPLETELY distressed DH.

Goodnight everyone!