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1 Stitch “Garterlac” Cast On…

I am a dishclothaholic… I love to knit them and have my “go to” knits… Grandma’s Favorite, Almost Lost (well, my variation of it, but I’ll save that for another time) and the Garterlac, also referred to by those who are addicted to knitting them as “Gartercrack” dishcloths. I’ve been knitting them for 5 years and they truly are so much fun to knit! I had heard about the 1 stitch cast on for the Garterlac that Tinker Tots had posted about and decided to give it a try as it really does make all of the edges look the same especially when using variegated yarns….

This picture shows the original cast on edge for the Base Triangles – and as you can plainly see, the cast on edge sticks out like a sore thumb with this variegated yarn…

09 Regular Cast On EdgeIMG_4082

This picture shows the 1 stitch cast on edge for the Base Triangles – it all blends in and all four edges of the finished cloth will look the same.  LOVE IT!

10 Single Stitch Cast on Edge

Which brings me to the meat of this post…  I sat down with my needles, cotton and Tinker Tots’ directions (she’s a genius!) and made the three base triangles and ended up with one triangle on one needle and two triangles on the other, so I ripped it out and did it again with the same results… then I did it again… guess what?  Same results 😦  After Googling, YouTube searching and going through hundreds and hundreds of the Ravelry projects, I messaged Laura (Tinker Tots) and asked her what I was doing wrong. She VERY kindly gave me some more information and off I went and did it again – with the same results – I seriously couldn’t wrap my head around what I was doing wrong!  The difference this time was that my very thick brain kicked into gear and it finally clicked….  I did, however, make a couple of very small changes to the original directions to make it clearer for me.  So to help any of you that are interested in this womderful method (thank you Laura!) and this fabulously addictive pattern (thank you Criminy Jickets!)  I have put together a pictorial of the base triangles to go along with the directions, as well as pictures of what the next row will look like as you work it.

Laura’s Directions are as follows for the 1st Base Triangle…

Increasing Base Triangle

Cast On one stitch

K 1, turn, K-FB, turn.
K 2, turn, K-FB, K 1, turn.
K 3, turn, K 1, K-FB, K 1, turn.
K 4, turn, K 2, K-FB, K 1, turn.
K 5, turn, K 3, K-FB, K 1, turn.
K 6, turn, K 4, K-FB, K 1, turn.
K 7, turn, K 5, K-FB, K 1, turn.
K 8, turn,
K 6, K-FB, K 1, return last stitch to your other needle and treat as first stitch of the next triangle

01 1st Base Triangle

This is what I did for the 2nd base triangle…

With work oriented as in the picture above and working into the single stitch…

K-FB, turn.
K 2, turn, K-FB, K 1, turn.
K 3, turn, K 1, K-FB, K 1, turn.
K 4, turn, K 2, K-FB, K 1, turn.
K 5, turn, K 3, K-FB, K 1, turn.
K 6, turn, K 4, K-FB, K 1, turn.
K 7, turn, K 5, K-FB, K 1, turn.
K 8, turn,
K 6, K-FB, K 1, return last stitch to your other needle and treat as first stitch of the next triangle

02 Second Base Triangle

Now let’s work the 3rd Base Triangle…

With work oriented as in the picture above and working into the single stitch…

K 2, turn, K-FB, K 1, turn.
K 3, turn, K 1, K-FB, K 1, turn.
K 4, turn, K 2, K-FB, K 1, turn.
K 5, turn, K 3, K-FB, K 1, turn.
K 6, turn, K 4, K-FB, K 1, turn.
K 7, turn, K 5, K-FB, K 1, turn.
K 8, turn.
Knit 8

Your Triangle Base Row should look like this…

03 3rd Base Triangle

Now follow Criminy Jickets Garterlac Directions and make an Increasing Side Triangle – your work will now look like this…

04 Increasing Side Triangle

Now make your first Square – it will look like this….

05 1st Square

Now make your second Square – which will look like this… It’s like MAGIC! 🙂

06 2nd Square

Now for the Decreasing Side Triangle to finish off this row…

08 Decreasing Side Triangle

Follow the pattern and finish your cloth 🙂

Love it, Love it, Love it!  Hope this helps anyone that can be as thick as I am sometimes. 🙂   Happy Knitting!

Practice, practice, practice…

I honestly can’t say enough good things about Lorilee Beltman and her Knit Faster with Continental Knitting class on Craftsy. I have decided to continue practicing this method of knitting until my muscle memory kicks in and see if the arthritis pain in my fingers and right hand calms down. I have to say that I do enjoy knitting this way… it is very smooth and the transition between knit and purls is so much less cumbersome than throwing has been. I am also going to continue researching the lever knitting that I learned as a child. Being comfortable with different styles of knitting will be beneficial to me in the long run, I believe, as I have to assume that arthritis will only get worse, not better and I have absolutely no intention on giving up my knitting 🙂 I am excited about all of this as I truly do love to learn new things, and if it increases my speed and allows me to knit more – then it is a win, win situation all the way around! 🙂

I have been away from my blog for so long that I think I will just share some of the things that have taken place a little at a time, so here goes…

We lost our beloved Chocolate Lab, Beau, to Lymphoma in August of 2012 at the much too young age of 7.  It was devastating, to say the least, but he left us with so many cherished memories and he is never far from our thoughts.  He was truly an amazing boy who stuck by my side through all of my health issues and surgeries.  Losing him left a huge hole in all of our lives.

545452_10151129304392104_786435980_n   183749_10151023176827104_980243771_n

In February of 2013, we welcomed 8 week old Jack to our family… He reminds us, at times, of the Tasmanian devil, keeps us on our toes, and is a total lovebug.. most of the time 😉  lol  I’m sure he will be making an appearance here and there on this blog, as he loves to occasionally steal my knitting and play cats cradle running through the dining room table and chairs with it…

77164_10151395328802104_1426757620_n    10734179_10152464104457104_4191211026632460417_n

There has been knitting as well…  Since we are having such a crazy winter here in the Northeast, my daughter Nikki needed a nice warm hat.  This is The Vermonter from Ravelry… works up quickly and looks great 🙂   The mitts are Ragtop also from Ravelry and I have to say they are my new favorite mitts to knit.  Superfast and a great pattern.

IMG_20150130_203233_medium2     Ragtop

We are bracing for another “blizzard” here, so I will have much more time to “Practice, practice, practice” my new (to me) knitting styles 🙂

Where Are They Now? – 2KCBWDAY4

Whatever happened to your __________?

Write about the fate of a past knitting project. Whether it be something that you crocheted or knitted for yourself or to give to another person. An item that lives with you or something which you sent off to charity.

There are a lot of different aspects to look at when looking back at a knitting project and it can make for interesting blogging, as much of the time we blog about items recently completed, new and freshly completed. It is not so often that we look back at what has happened to these items after they have been around for a while.

How has one of your past knits lived up to wear. Maybe an item has become lost. Maybe you spent weeks knitting your giant-footed dad a pair of socks in bright pink and green stripes which the then ‘lost’. If you have knit items to donate to a good cause, you could reflect on the was in which you hope that item is still doing good for it’s owner or the cause it was made to support.


In November, 2006 – a project was started to help comfort my dear friend Jenn who was going through a tragedy of epic proportions – something that most of us can’t even fathom living through.  I put out a call to knitters interested in making squares for a blanket for her and the response, outpouring of love that came from all over the world was something that I will NEVER forget! (for more on the story of this blanket and the knitters that contributed to it, please see the “Comforting Jenn” tab at the top of this blog). 

I crocheted the squares together, gathered up the cards and notes that were sent for her and mailed the package off.  She was speechless and so very touched by this gift of love from “perfect strangers”.  She treasures it to this day and still derives comfort from it.  She, once again, has cancer and is going through Chemo for the 2nd time,.  She is an amazing young woman, with an enormous amount of courage and grace – and although she lives in Arizona and this blanket is much too warm to use on a regular basis – she has been known to “crank up the air conditioning” and curl up under it, and it is always there to remind her that there are people that care.

Knitters are truly the MOST generous, kind, loving people in the world.

This stroller blanket was in the works for Jenn’s baby when the accident that took him and her family happened.  I carefully packed it and the yarn away, still on the needles. (you can probably see it in one of the pic’s in yesterday’s post).  I can’t see myself ever finishing this blanket, but I am completely unable to let it go.  I may bind it off and do “something” with it in the future to send to her to do with as she wishes (and then again, I may not).

These blankets, each knit with an enormous amount of love for two completely different reasons, will hold a place in my heart and memory as well as Jenn’s –  along with the knitters who jumped right in to help without a second thought. The knitting community/family is amazing!


Lyssa's Owl

I had to end the post with this little guy…. I made him for my daughter her freshman year in College  (“Owl” is the mascot) – She will graduate in May and when I brought her back to school last weekend, I noticed him still sitting on her desk – he has kept her company for 4 years, and hopefully reminded her how much I love her! 🙂

Late? Me? No!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year!  Although the Northeast has been buried in snow and freezing temperatures, it was a lovely holiday here with all of the kids home!  We celebrated Lyssa’s 22nd Birthday on New Years Day – how the hell she got to be 22 is totally lost on me!  Don’t even want to think that my son will be 24 in the  Spring! WOW!  My Mom wasn’t kidding when she said…. “wait until you have kids, time will just fly by”.  She was totally right!

There wasn’t a lot of time for knitting, but I did manage to put together a few gifts and finish up a few that I started in the summer….you know….when I was going to get a “jump on my Christmas knitting” :/  Somehow this NEVER works out well for me – I self destruct EVERY YEAR!  I also finally managed to write up a pattern that I have been “winging” for years to share on Ravelry – now I don’t have to dig up my little “notes” and try to remember what I did “last time” lol

 I knit Lyssa one of my Plaited Cable Reversible Scarves  toDSCN3006wl  match the gloves I made her last year.

 These are some of the ornaments I made as little gifts for special friends.  I think I made 6 of the little hats and at least 3 of everything else.  I just love giving people something handmade 🙂

. . 1219101556 DSCN2991a 1219101439 1219101437 DSCN2985 . DSCN2971

This is the stocking I finally wrote up the pattern for…I call it the Petite Christmas Stocking.  It is incredibly fast to knit – couple of hours – and is, I think, the perfect size for a small gift.  This one was scooped up by my daughter Nikki to put her boyfriend’s gift in!


I also finally finished this Lutin for my dear friend Jenn’s son.  Some of you may remember her tragic loss and the beautiful “Comforting Jenn” blanket that so many of you wonderful knitters contributed to.  She is going through chemo AGAIN and he is very frightened that he is going to lose his Mommy.  I’m hoping it will give him a bit of comfort.  The small white one is for his little brother.

.   .

I hope you are all well and for those of you with me in the Northeast – keeping warm.  Spring is hopefully on it’s way!


Looking back on some of the knitting done here over the last months, I have noticed that I either get totally enamored by a pattern and knit it until everyone around me is totally sick of looking at it, or I turn fickle and once I’ve “learned” how to do something or figured out the “trick” behind a pattern, I put it aside.  Not sure I’m happy with this about myself, but sometimes truth hurts! lol

This absolutely and totally is a fun knit!  I had a ball with it – and I’m ashamed to say, there are more of these – made great gifts and were appreciated 🙂

DSCN1194 DSCN1185 DSCN1192 DSCN1190

I thoroughly enjoyed making little baskets and packages for Valentine’s Day this year, and tweaked a classic pattern to make the shape a bit better (in my opinion anyway) 😉

DSCN1177 DSCN1166DSCN1161 DSCN1160a

I participated in Kris Knits January KAL as I just love her dishcloth patterns – this was no exception other than the fact that it is bigger than I like to use, so I’ll stick with her sets of cloths from now on :)… YES I was on a dishcloth binge, my attention span was at an all time low!


Now THIS is the pattern I absolutely LOVED the most, it is the cutest thing I’ve seen in a while and babies and adults just adore it!  This is my new car/travel knitting (along with the socks…because there are always socks!)  I do have to admit that it is a bit of a pain to sew together, and I would love to figure out how to knit it in the round – but even though I have converted a lot of patterns to in the round – I just can’t seem to wrap my head around this one.  Hopefully, I’ll have an aha! moment one of these days….


Just a fun 5 minute knit – thought it was cute 🙂  There is another pattern on this idea that I will be making for the girls as stocking stuffers this year – I’m sure they’ll get a smile out of it!


 I have a few WIP’s  – these are in the “will I ever finish these?” basket :/ , as well as my log cabin blanket that hasn’t been worked on in a year.  Hopefully, now that the cold weather is here, I’ll feel more motivated to have it on my lap 🙂

I’m off to make a nice hot cup of coffee and sit with my knitting for an hour or so before the kiddo’s come home and it’s time to make dinner.  It’s so nice to be back – and once all the catching up posting is done, I’ll feel better  – maybe I’d feel better about the WIP ‘s if they were caught up on too….hmmmmmmm that’s a thought!  In the words of Scarlet O’Hara…Fiddle dee dee… I’ll worry about that tomorrow! 🙂

Happy Knitting!