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Treasures… old and new (part 1)

Lets start with the old….

We sold our house last year to move into the 3 family house that was left to us and I grew up in, that my grandfather built 100 years ago. We moved to be closer to my dad who was 90 years old at the time.  Our old house sold much faster than we ever expected and we are still working on our new home.  That being said, there are boxes that I am unable to unpack due to work we are doing here, and there were still family treasures to be sorted through in the basement.  While going through some of these memories from my childhood, I sadly found 3 gorgeous wool afghans made by my grandmother that were beyond repair due to neglectful storage by my late Uncle…. while this devastated me, I had to keep reminding myself that he was unaware…  This worked until I unearthed a cedar chest that he had stored acrylic bedspreads, curtains and blankets that should have been discarded 40 years ago!  AAAACK!  There was a small light at the bottom of that chest where I found two shawls and an afghan that were in very good condition.  Although these are not nearly as intricate as the ones that were lost, they were lovingly made by the woman who taught me so much and gave me so many wonderful memories… my grandma ❤IMG_3210a
Another box contained the china teacups, saucers and plates that were displayed on a special shelf in her dining room. When we were children, she would pull these out and let all of us have a “tea party” in the dining room accompanied by her amazing Italian Cookies. Wonderful and treasured memories but what to do with all of these beautiful teacups? I have no place to display them and having them sit in a box or dropping them off at a Goodwill just didn’t seem right to me.FullSizeRender - Copy (9)
A conversation with one of my oldest and dearest friends gave me my answer! Her youngest daughter is getting married in April. Her shower is a “tea” and brunch. Her daughter loves all thing vintage and her favorite thing when our children were growing up together was having tea parties!!! My friend had been searching everywhere for tea sets that could be used and taken home by the guests at the shower. What better way to give new life, new memories and new homes to something that meant so much to me growing up?   Here are pictures of a few…

FullSizeRender (29) - Copy FullSizeRender (28) - CopyFullSizeRender (27) - CopyFullSizeRender - Copy (11)FullSizeRender - Copy (10)

My dad passed away suddenly, 5 months after we moved here – dealing with that devastating loss has been incredibly hard, but my Mom had her own collection of tea cups.  She loved violets, carried them at her wedding and ironically the woman who could kill a cactus, grew the most beautiful violets!  Their home was full of violet adorned china, and those tea cups, saucers, plates and pots are also being given new lives and homes at this shower.  Here are a few of Mom’s…

          FullSizeRender (30) - Copy FullSizeRender (32) - Copy   FullSizeRender (31) - Copy I KNOW she would be so happy!

My beloved parents… together again in heaven, smiling down on us all and missed so very, very much!  Until we meet again Mom and Dad… I love you ❤

10857737_10152574472982104_5372292059141294165_n The shower is tomorrow… I can’t wait!


Late? Me? No!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year!  Although the Northeast has been buried in snow and freezing temperatures, it was a lovely holiday here with all of the kids home!  We celebrated Lyssa’s 22nd Birthday on New Years Day – how the hell she got to be 22 is totally lost on me!  Don’t even want to think that my son will be 24 in the  Spring! WOW!  My Mom wasn’t kidding when she said…. “wait until you have kids, time will just fly by”.  She was totally right!

There wasn’t a lot of time for knitting, but I did manage to put together a few gifts and finish up a few that I started in the summer….you know….when I was going to get a “jump on my Christmas knitting” :/  Somehow this NEVER works out well for me – I self destruct EVERY YEAR!  I also finally managed to write up a pattern that I have been “winging” for years to share on Ravelry – now I don’t have to dig up my little “notes” and try to remember what I did “last time” lol

 I knit Lyssa one of my Plaited Cable Reversible Scarves  toDSCN3006wl  match the gloves I made her last year.

 These are some of the ornaments I made as little gifts for special friends.  I think I made 6 of the little hats and at least 3 of everything else.  I just love giving people something handmade 🙂

. . 1219101556 DSCN2991a 1219101439 1219101437 DSCN2985 . DSCN2971

This is the stocking I finally wrote up the pattern for…I call it the Petite Christmas Stocking.  It is incredibly fast to knit – couple of hours – and is, I think, the perfect size for a small gift.  This one was scooped up by my daughter Nikki to put her boyfriend’s gift in!


I also finally finished this Lutin for my dear friend Jenn’s son.  Some of you may remember her tragic loss and the beautiful “Comforting Jenn” blanket that so many of you wonderful knitters contributed to.  She is going through chemo AGAIN and he is very frightened that he is going to lose his Mommy.  I’m hoping it will give him a bit of comfort.  The small white one is for his little brother.

.   .

I hope you are all well and for those of you with me in the Northeast – keeping warm.  Spring is hopefully on it’s way!

I have so much to say and no time to say it…. so let me just wish you all a blessed Christmas.   I hope you all enjoy your time with the ones you love and find peace and happiness.  Thank you so much for being a part of my life. ❤

Tragic Loss

Such a tragic loss is so hard to deal with at any time of year, but seems so much  harder when Christmas music is playing and all of the festive lights are displayed…

On November 15th our High School Football team lost a 16 year old young man during a game – on the field after a tackle that maybe kills 50 people across the country a year. (The doctor said we had a better chance of getting hit by lightning. It happens 50 times across the country per year…When your heart’s beating and kind of that skip in between that’s when he got hit according to the surgeon at Mary Lane Hospital,” said Ellsessar.)

He touched the lives of so many and his loss cemented a bond in the young people that will never be broken.  On Thanksgiving Day before the “Big Game” a truly touching tribute was paid to his memory and his family who with incredible grace and strength attended to lend their support to the young men who, with heavy hearts,  had to take the field without him.  (Photos from this tribute can be found here)

He and his family will forever be in our hearts, thoughts and prayers.

Kindle me happy :)

I had a “milestone” birthday (as my Dad put it) last month and because it was such a BIG one, he decided to get me an extra special gift…. the new Kindle 3 with 3G and wifi. I have to admit that I wasn’t immediately excited by this gift as I LOVE books – real books that I can hold and carry with me…well… I just love books that’s all – always have and always will.  So….. I didn’t immediately open it – I did a LOT of research and reading on this device and talked to people that already owned them.  One of these was my sister-in-law who told me I would be a total idiot if I didn’t keep this gem – she has one and uses it ALL THE TIME!  She went on to tell me all of the great features and the pros of owning one. 

I did it….I opened it….charged it up….went online and found hundreds of books FREE on Amazon – all the classics as well as new books.  I found a blog and a site  dedicated to the Kindle that will send you emails tipping you off to special offers, and books that are being offered free for a limited time.  I have also realized that I am more apt to read books I normally wouldn’t have purchased because they are free and I am liking some of them! lol  

I have over 75 books on my Kindle and I’ve spent approximately $12!  HOW can I complain about that one?!   I have a few games – scrabble, word search, solitaire loaded on it and it also has a music folder so that you can listen to music while you read if you desire!  With the 3G and WIFI you also have the capability of going online from anywhere, searching the web, checking blogs, websites and instantly downloading books – LOVE IT!!!!   

 I did purchase this little gem for myself…  The light is built into the cover and runs off of the Kindle’s battery – awesomeness 😀

Do any of you own a Kindle or other type of e-reader?  How do you like yours?  Would love to hear about your experiences as well 🙂

All in all, my Dad knew better than I and picked a perfect gift that I will certainly get an enourmous amount of pleasure from!  THANKS DAD!  I love you ❤