Treasures… old and new (part 1)

Lets start with the old….

We sold our house last year to move into the 3 family house that was left to us and I grew up in, that my grandfather built 100 years ago. We moved to be closer to my dad who was 90 years old at the time.  Our old house sold much faster than we ever expected and we are still working on our new home.  That being said, there are boxes that I am unable to unpack due to work we are doing here, and there were still family treasures to be sorted through in the basement.  While going through some of these memories from my childhood, I sadly found 3 gorgeous wool afghans made by my grandmother that were beyond repair due to neglectful storage by my late Uncle…. while this devastated me, I had to keep reminding myself that he was unaware…  This worked until I unearthed a cedar chest that he had stored acrylic bedspreads, curtains and blankets that should have been discarded 40 years ago!  AAAACK!  There was a small light at the bottom of that chest where I found two shawls and an afghan that were in very good condition.  Although these are not nearly as intricate as the ones that were lost, they were lovingly made by the woman who taught me so much and gave me so many wonderful memories… my grandma ❤IMG_3210a
Another box contained the china teacups, saucers and plates that were displayed on a special shelf in her dining room. When we were children, she would pull these out and let all of us have a “tea party” in the dining room accompanied by her amazing Italian Cookies. Wonderful and treasured memories but what to do with all of these beautiful teacups? I have no place to display them and having them sit in a box or dropping them off at a Goodwill just didn’t seem right to me.FullSizeRender - Copy (9)
A conversation with one of my oldest and dearest friends gave me my answer! Her youngest daughter is getting married in April. Her shower is a “tea” and brunch. Her daughter loves all thing vintage and her favorite thing when our children were growing up together was having tea parties!!! My friend had been searching everywhere for tea sets that could be used and taken home by the guests at the shower. What better way to give new life, new memories and new homes to something that meant so much to me growing up?   Here are pictures of a few…

FullSizeRender (29) - Copy FullSizeRender (28) - CopyFullSizeRender (27) - CopyFullSizeRender - Copy (11)FullSizeRender - Copy (10)

My dad passed away suddenly, 5 months after we moved here – dealing with that devastating loss has been incredibly hard, but my Mom had her own collection of tea cups.  She loved violets, carried them at her wedding and ironically the woman who could kill a cactus, grew the most beautiful violets!  Their home was full of violet adorned china, and those tea cups, saucers, plates and pots are also being given new lives and homes at this shower.  Here are a few of Mom’s…

          FullSizeRender (30) - Copy FullSizeRender (32) - Copy   FullSizeRender (31) - Copy I KNOW she would be so happy!

My beloved parents… together again in heaven, smiling down on us all and missed so very, very much!  Until we meet again Mom and Dad… I love you ❤

10857737_10152574472982104_5372292059141294165_n The shower is tomorrow… I can’t wait!


One response to “Treasures… old and new (part 1)

  1. I’m so sorry for your loss, but it;s wonderful to catch up with you.

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