“Big Fibery Hug” In Use Again :/

I, will be putting my Big Fibery Hug into service again beginning tomorrow.  I would like to be wrapping up in it for warmth instead of “comfort”, but I once again am having surgery :/

A couple of days before Thanksgiving, during some follow-up tests, the Dr’s found a tumor on my Kidney (90+ % chance it is Cancerous) – I was lucky in that they found it by “accident”,  so to speak, as it is still relatively small (golf ball – in my opinion that isn’t small, but who am I to judge 😉 ).  The surgery was supposed to take place last month, but I ended up with bronchitis a few days before and it was postponed.

I will once again be MIA from this blog for a bit (just when I was getting rolling on posting more often – lol)  Positive thoughts and/or prayers sent my way are very much appreciated. 

I’ve packed my ipod/Kindle and some easy knitting to take to the hospital (I am an eternal optimist!)- wonder how that will work out with pain meds?!  We shall see 😉

I hope to be back soon – Happy Knitting!

8 responses to ““Big Fibery Hug” In Use Again :/

  1. Prayers and good thoughts being sent your way. I hope everything is fine. Let us know when you are home.

  2. Prayers that you will be in and out in no time flat with no complications whatsoever. We will be waiting to hear from you.

  3. I am so sorry to hear this news and send lots of hugs and good karma your way. Thinking of you…knitting is too optimistic from my experience but kindle/iPod will work…ciao and good luck :))

  4. Well shoot, that’s not good news. (Yeah, I wouldn’t call golf ball small either but doctors often have a very different perspective.) I hope things go smoothly and recovery is easy. I know I won’t be the only one anxiously listening for an update when you are able and willing. I’ll be thinking of you and glad the BFH is there with you carrying all our thoughts and wishes.

  5. Prayers and good luck! You are a survivor and soon we shall see you blogging again!! As for knitting with drugs…! Don’t rip it out till you are clear headed! You may just see you a have designed a new technique!! Blessings and hugs, sue

  6. I found your blog through the Knit and Crochet blog week and just stopped by again to read and I saw your post. I hope your surgery and recovery go well. Here’s to lots of strength and healing!

  7. Will be sending hugs and lots of prayers to you! sue

  8. Best wishes… hope you are doing well.

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