How did THOSE get here?!

Evidently another “side effect” of being cooped up in the house for long periods of time sick is shopping amnesia  magic stash enhancement!!!!!!!  The first day out of my house… alone no less…. I found myself at my LYS, just to pick up ONE SKEIN of a SPECIFIC sock yarn – that’s all – I swear it!

Much to my dismay, they didn’t have the color I was looking for and I left the store in sadness and despair (insert sigh and sad face here)…. When I arrived home, grabbed my purse off the passenger seat, there was a bag with THESE things in it……


I have NO IDEA how they got there/here or who the nice person was that would have slipped them into my car (can’t explain how they got my debit card either… hmmmmmmmm), but I have to say – I’m LOVIN IT!

Now that I’ve acquired…. found,  I am the owner of  these lovelies, I just HAD to plan a couple of projects so…. the beautiful spring like sock yarn will either be a chemo hat for a dear friend OR summer socks for ME 🙂  The green is definitely meant to be a chemo cap or two – the bag….well… the bag is just TOO CUTE and will be traveling along with me wherever I go from now on (I have a serious “bag” problem – just in case you hadn’t noticed – I love them and have WAY too many which obviously doesn’t stop me from acquiring/coveting/wanting more).   The beads are gorgeous, and will possibly be added to the aforementioned chemo cap or some other lovely project yet to be determined 😉

I know I mentioned previously that I had organized my straight needles, thought I’d share a pic of half of them some of them 🙂  The rest are going to live in Maine “just in case” I might need them while I’m up there 🙂   This in itself is a ridiculous statement, as other than dishcloths, I almost NEVER use straights – but I DO LOVE looking at them and some of these belonged to my Aunts, Grandmother and Mother (all of whom are no longer with me).  They make me smile and, I think, add a certain charm to that corner of the room! ❤

I did follow through and organize my dpn’s and circ’s, but there is only so far one person can go with truth/confession in one day…. so will leave those for another time 🙂

Off to check on my youngest who now has acquired the dreaded “sickness” (it was inevitable – captain’s practices started this week for varsity softball and she is….. what else?….a captain! ugh!)   I think a cup of tea for both of us is in order, some cuddling on the couch, a good movie and my knitting.

Have a great night all!


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