Organic Knitter ;)

I discovered a few things over the last two weeks of being “sick”….

  • When your head is pounding (think brain entirely too big for skull) – knitting is out of the question.  Actually, sitting up, bending over and concentrating on anything other than the impending skull explosion is just about all that the poor swollen brain can handle.
  • When the brain shrinks back down to size and the runny eyes, runny nose and the hocking up a lung cough begins – knitting is once again…. out.of.the.question.  Tissues and cough drops are the priority and lots of them.  However…this stage allows you to think about knitting – dream about it and gaze longingly at the knitting basket.
  • During this “thinking” stage, I decided that the mittens mentioned in my previous post were heading to the “frog pond” – not happy with them so instead of doing my usual drawn out, painful, pondering, I took my frustrations (of not being able to knit) out on these mittens and RIPPED!
  • downsized_0222112204a

  • Once the eyes stopped watering, I realized I could at least READ about knitting 😉  So I pulled out an old favorite… Stephanie’s Knitting Rules – LOVE THIS B OOK!  I have to say that it was great medicine and I actually cracked a red nosed, drippy smile as I took some of the quizes again – I am  definitely (by Stephanie’s description on pg. 20) an “Organic Knitter” –  relaxed about gauge and swatching – it will fit someone!, all about the yarn, multi-crafter, trying to figure out how to get a flock of sheep into my backyard”   Which then caused me to wonder if my penchant to have dozens of projects ready and waiting (in my head as well as my needles) to get going on is part of this description! lol
  • The nastiness morphed into bronchitis, sucked yes…. couldn’t sleep, had no energy… but knitting,  Ravelry and online “browsing” was now in the equation again!!!!!!  Don’t even want to BEGIN to think about how many patterns I have “favorited” on Ravelry, but I did start the Pi Topper Chemo Cap for my dear friend Jenn and since I’ve wanted a yarn bowl for so long as well as the Swift, Little Swift and Signature DPN’s and circs (dream BIG I say), I got creative and decided to use this adorable little sheep I received full of knitting goodies as my yarn bowl for now 🙂  He makes me smile!
  • Now that the bronchitis is clearing and the ear aches and sinus infections are setting in – startitis has hit in a big way-which caused me to realize my needles needed to be organized (PLEASE tell me there are more of you that do stuff like this :/ )  I organized the straights and dpn’s so far, made a list, entered them into an app on my IPod (not sure I like the app – do any of you have suggestions for an app to keep track of needles/hooks etc?) and set aside one of each size and length (there are too many needles to admit to) to bring and leave in Maine this spring!


            Have the circs and crochet hooks to do next….

  • But for now I’m going to go knit the socks I started…or maybe the chemo cap…oh wait, the Kindle cover… mittens … afghan… lutin – DAMN – I’ll close my eyes and pick one 🙂  After all… I’m an “Organic Knitter” – I’ll be happy no matter what I’m knitting!!!!!

2 responses to “Organic Knitter ;)

  1. I’m sorry to hear that you have been feeling poorly. I hope you feel back to normal soon. There is nothing worse than that swollen brain feeling. I sneezed once when I felt like that and I wished my head had blown off it hurt so bad.
    Enjoy all the projects. It’s so fun to have lots of things to knit.

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