Vacation? What Vacation?!

School vacation week is usually one of my favorite times as I work in a Pre-K – 8 School and get to spend my time off with my family, however, this past vacation week, I got sick and sick I am….STILL! So miserably sick that all I could do was look at my knitting basket and THINK about knitting….WISH I could knit.  How depressing is it to be at home for a week and a half and feel so incredibly awful that you can’t knit?!  

During all this time, as I said, I did do a lot of thinking about knitting, planned new projects (who doesn’t like to do that? lol) and tried to ignore the projects sitting in my basket that are already planned and/or started like the Bella Mittens that I started for one of my daughters.  LOVE the way the pattern looks, LOVE the projects I’ve seen finished and the pattern is written very well – these mittens…downsized_0222112204a look NOTHING like they are supposed to and I am not quite sure why :/  I’ve contemplated frogging and starting over to try and figure out what it is I have done wrong, but my daughter wants me to continue!  My biggest fear is that the second mitten will come out correctly and I won’t have a matching set! lol  Therefore, they will most likely continue to sit! 

I did start using a new knitting app for my iPod Touch – JKnit

JKnit is a versatile and innovative app that will guide you through your entire knitting project. Just plug in the knitting instructions and JKnit will give you detailed reminders of what needs to be done as you knit each row.

No Need for Multiple Row Counters. JKnit automatically gathers all pattern information (increases, decreases, repeats, cables, etc.) into a single row counter. You just have to press a button when you complete a row, and JKnit will display what is coming up in the next row. Moreover, it will show if there is something you have to start at a specific height (for example, a series of decreases for an armhole).

Work on Multiple Projects. JKnit will remember where you are in each of your projects. So even if you get back to a project months later, you can just pick up where you left off.”

What a FANTASTIC tool this is.  It took me a bit of time to figure out how to add projects, but the designer has a group on Ravelry and is incredibly helpful and quick answering questions.  I can see less paper patterns and counters falling to the floor in my future 🙂

Another group I belong to is Meg Blakewell’s Wee Tiny Sock Club.  These wee sock patterns, yarn, notions and a little “treat” come in the mail once a month.  Each kit usually tackles a new knitting skill (last month’s was steeking!).  I LOVE these little socks, and hate to admit that I’m about 9 patterns behind!!!!! I’m thinking it will be good knitting for the time I spend in Maine this summer 🙂

This is the “Wee Tiny Apple Sock” from Sept. 20091107101014It really is too cute for words!!!!

And this little guy is “Wee Tiny Bat Sock” from Oct. 2009

DSCN3065 .

Instant gratification projects and super portable.  Which brings me to the other topic I pondered while sick and wishing I could cut my head off…

The Tom Bihn Little Swift – I am TOTALLY enamored by this bag!

Spending that kind of money on myself for a knitting bag is the only thing stopping me!  The other thing that would completely hold up the purchase would be which one of the first two to choose!  lol  Do any of you own one of these bags?  I would love to hear what you have to say 🙂

Well, I’m off to the couch again to hopefully do some knitting instead of just thinking about it!!!!  Have a great day 🙂


One response to “Vacation? What Vacation?!

  1. I hope you feel better. There is nothing worse than being sick on vacation. We usually save our sickness for April vacation when the weather is nice. At least you’ll be over yours by then.
    The tiny socks are too cute for words!
    I have never knit the Bella mittens but yours looks lovely. I would keep going particularly if your daughter likes them.
    I have seen those bags on lots of blogs. They look so stylish and useful. I would want the green one!

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