Late? Me? No!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year!  Although the Northeast has been buried in snow and freezing temperatures, it was a lovely holiday here with all of the kids home!  We celebrated Lyssa’s 22nd Birthday on New Years Day – how the hell she got to be 22 is totally lost on me!  Don’t even want to think that my son will be 24 in the  Spring! WOW!  My Mom wasn’t kidding when she said…. “wait until you have kids, time will just fly by”.  She was totally right!

There wasn’t a lot of time for knitting, but I did manage to put together a few gifts and finish up a few that I started in the summer….you know….when I was going to get a “jump on my Christmas knitting” :/  Somehow this NEVER works out well for me – I self destruct EVERY YEAR!  I also finally managed to write up a pattern that I have been “winging” for years to share on Ravelry – now I don’t have to dig up my little “notes” and try to remember what I did “last time” lol

 I knit Lyssa one of my Plaited Cable Reversible Scarves  toDSCN3006wl  match the gloves I made her last year.

 These are some of the ornaments I made as little gifts for special friends.  I think I made 6 of the little hats and at least 3 of everything else.  I just love giving people something handmade 🙂

. . 1219101556 DSCN2991a 1219101439 1219101437 DSCN2985 . DSCN2971

This is the stocking I finally wrote up the pattern for…I call it the Petite Christmas Stocking.  It is incredibly fast to knit – couple of hours – and is, I think, the perfect size for a small gift.  This one was scooped up by my daughter Nikki to put her boyfriend’s gift in!


I also finally finished this Lutin for my dear friend Jenn’s son.  Some of you may remember her tragic loss and the beautiful “Comforting Jenn” blanket that so many of you wonderful knitters contributed to.  She is going through chemo AGAIN and he is very frightened that he is going to lose his Mommy.  I’m hoping it will give him a bit of comfort.  The small white one is for his little brother.

.   .

I hope you are all well and for those of you with me in the Northeast – keeping warm.  Spring is hopefully on it’s way!


2 responses to “Late? Me? No!

  1. LOVE the ornaments – they are too cute!

  2. well you’re either late or early! I love all your little knitted ornaments 🙂

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