Tragic Loss

Such a tragic loss is so hard to deal with at any time of year, but seems so much  harder when Christmas music is playing and all of the festive lights are displayed…

On November 15th our High School Football team lost a 16 year old young man during a game – on the field after a tackle that maybe kills 50 people across the country a year. (The doctor said we had a better chance of getting hit by lightning. It happens 50 times across the country per year…When your heart’s beating and kind of that skip in between that’s when he got hit according to the surgeon at Mary Lane Hospital,” said Ellsessar.)

He touched the lives of so many and his loss cemented a bond in the young people that will never be broken.  On Thanksgiving Day before the “Big Game” a truly touching tribute was paid to his memory and his family who with incredible grace and strength attended to lend their support to the young men who, with heavy hearts,  had to take the field without him.  (Photos from this tribute can be found here)

He and his family will forever be in our hearts, thoughts and prayers.


One response to “Tragic Loss

  1. How sad….
    It is hard to beleive something like that can happen to a family. My heart goes out to them…

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