Kindle me happy :)

I had a “milestone” birthday (as my Dad put it) last month and because it was such a BIG one, he decided to get me an extra special gift…. the new Kindle 3 with 3G and wifi. I have to admit that I wasn’t immediately excited by this gift as I LOVE books – real books that I can hold and carry with me…well… I just love books that’s all – always have and always will.  So….. I didn’t immediately open it – I did a LOT of research and reading on this device and talked to people that already owned them.  One of these was my sister-in-law who told me I would be a total idiot if I didn’t keep this gem – she has one and uses it ALL THE TIME!  She went on to tell me all of the great features and the pros of owning one. 

I did it….I opened it….charged it up….went online and found hundreds of books FREE on Amazon – all the classics as well as new books.  I found a blog and a site  dedicated to the Kindle that will send you emails tipping you off to special offers, and books that are being offered free for a limited time.  I have also realized that I am more apt to read books I normally wouldn’t have purchased because they are free and I am liking some of them! lol  

I have over 75 books on my Kindle and I’ve spent approximately $12!  HOW can I complain about that one?!   I have a few games – scrabble, word search, solitaire loaded on it and it also has a music folder so that you can listen to music while you read if you desire!  With the 3G and WIFI you also have the capability of going online from anywhere, searching the web, checking blogs, websites and instantly downloading books – LOVE IT!!!!   

 I did purchase this little gem for myself…  The light is built into the cover and runs off of the Kindle’s battery – awesomeness 😀

Do any of you own a Kindle or other type of e-reader?  How do you like yours?  Would love to hear about your experiences as well 🙂

All in all, my Dad knew better than I and picked a perfect gift that I will certainly get an enourmous amount of pleasure from!  THANKS DAD!  I love you ❤


3 responses to “Kindle me happy :)

  1. that really does sound good! I love reading books myself and have been put off by the fact that you’re reading on a screen. People have told me that it’s a particular type of screen system but, as I haven’t actually tried one out yet, i find it hard to imagine any other screen system type than that on a computer. I think I need to get hold of one to try out 🙂

    • I worried about the same thing, as I use a computer all day and my eyes are tired when I get home. The Kindle is nothing like looking at a computer screen – not backlit. I hope you can try one out, I was totally surprised 🙂

  2. My husband asked me a 1,000,000 times last Christmas if I wanted one, but I said “No way!” everytime. Mainly for the same reasons you mentioned and I am a librarian, for gods sake, how would it look!!!??? I really want one now, but I am afraid to ask…

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