Not sure where to start….

Well here I am again – as Tightly Wound as ever! Winking smile  I can’t believe how much time has gone by since I posted – I hate when I do this because I then have no idea where to start! 

Since I last posted in January, I’ll give a quick synopsis…..

  • My 2nd child and oldest daughter turned 21 on New Year’s day…38415_10150251823695273_776265272_13863143_7594199_n  She’s a senior in college, a wonderful daughter, sister, friend and I love her more every day!
  • My DH turned 50 in April DSCN1533
  •  My son, oldest child, graduated from college in May with a degree in Architecture (not sure what good it will do him in this economy) but I’m so very proud of the man he has become – he is a kind, gentle and very funny person and I adore him!  P.S. Mom made him proud by winning PONG in overtime! lol  DSCN1915
  •  My 4th and youngest daughter turned 16 in May and once again was the starting pitcher for the Varsity Softball team as well as playing on her travel team and getting her driving permit!  I can’t believe my “baby” is sixteen – I love her with all of my heart! ❤
  •  The girls went to the Prom – had a wonderful time and looked lovely (but I’m a bit prejudiced in that department lol)
  •  My 3rd child, graduated from High School this year as the Captain of the Varsity Softball Team.  She has become such a fantastic young woman, loves working with special needs children (she interned in the Life Skills Classroom for the last two years in her high school) and has started college to make her dreams come true.untitleda
  • We had a wonderful summer in Maine, enjoying the sun, sand and great friends!  beach   We moved our camper up there onto a permanent seasonal site, and enjoyed it as much as we could this year – it was truly our home away from home!
    • Amusement Park RidesDSCN2652
  •  Beautiful SunsetsDSCN2660
  •  Sitting by the FireDSCN2722
  •  Horseshoes, shuffleboard, mini golf and
    • walks on the beachbeau
  •  We had a HUGE double graduation party for Matt and Emily and two days before that was to take place, my Dad gave us a bit of a scare with his heart, but the doctors are amazed that at 86 he is still working a little bit, driving and basically acts like a man half his age.
  •  Which brings us to September…. Emily has officially become an adult – she is 18 years old and a lovely young woman 58755_1623103426042_1490172287_31613614_288117_n.
  • I also had a birthday this year – Like my dh, I have turned 50 – DSCN2775

After all of the health issues I’ve had, I am truly grateful to be here and be 50, however, I’d be a liar if I didn’t admit to being a bit surprised that I AM 50!  Time is flying by, but I spent my day in Maine with some very special friends and my kids.  Melyssa wasn’t going to be able to come because of a golf tournament with the college, but when my son came up with Emily and his friend Tom, THIS is what popped out of the trunk DSCN2773.  I’ll admit it, I cried and laughed at the same time – nothing could have been better, than having all 4 of my kids with me – it was wonderful!DSCN2816My four children and Matt’s friend Tom on the right in yellow!

 Well, now that we are up to date Winking smile  I hope I haven’t bored you all to tears.  There has been knitting – not as much as I’d like – but that’s the way it goes.  I have to photograph the FO’s and some WIP’s and hopefully will be able to get them into my next post.

 Have a wonderful weekend, I’ve missed you all and am so glad to be back!


2 responses to “Not sure where to start….

  1. You have been busy!! It great to know that everything has been going well and everyone is healthy.

  2. What an eventful year it’s been, congratulations on all those wonderful things!

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