~Mission Accomplished!~

Well here I am again…. ahead of schedule! While I would be proud of myself, I have to admit that the reason I have time to post is that I am home from work sick 😦 Will have to head to the Dr. at some point as I believe I’m heading for a nasty case of bronchitis or pneumonia!

Enough of that though! Nikki had asked me if I could knit her a “chunky beret”…… of COURSE I can! lol So…. I got her up on Ravelry and set her loose on the beret search. She couldn’t believe how many patterns there were to choose from, but she had an idea of what she wanted and how she wanted it to look (Nikki, if I haven’t told you all before, is COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY into fashion and knows EXACTLY what she wants and how it should look at all times – she is on a path to give the “What Not to Wear” crew a run for their money!) and this is what she came up with….. The Star Crossed Slouchy Beret.

The original pattern was done in worsted weight, but Nikki wanted it to be chunky, so she rummaged through the bins in my craft closet and came up with a beautiful “huckleberry” colored chunky yarn and I started in on the project.

I have to say that I was nervous about the yarn as I didn’t want to change the needle sizes (she has a small head) and I knew that the chunky yarn could be a bit stiff at that gauge… but off I went anyway. I started the beret Monday afternoon and finished early Monday evening (working the pattern as written). AMAZINGLY quick knit!

This is what it looked like just off the needles (I was VERY nervous that it was going to look like a chef’s hat!)


So we put a plate in it, misted it lightly to block and left it over night.


She is THRILLED with the finished product and so am I 🙂

DSCN1112 DSCN1113DSCN1114
I would like to make this in a worsted weight as I think it would be a softer, slouchier beret, but she has ALL of her very long hair tucked up in it and tells me it is warm and comfortable. What more could a Knitter/Mom ask for 🙂

One response to “~Mission Accomplished!~

  1. I hope you feel better quickly. Somehow I have managed to dodge the cold that I usually have for the holidays. I'm sure it's waiting for me somewhere.The hat is lovely and looks fantastic on. There is nothing better than knitting exactly what someone wants and having them love it.

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