~Spring is in the air~

It has been a great weekend, beautiful weather, windows open, sun shining ~ I love it! I’m hoping that with the warmth predicted for the next few days that the snow will finally melt out of my yard bringing the much hated MUD! lol Beau (0ur chocolate lab) has begun his spring “allergies” consisting of a breakout under his chin and constant scratching. We aren’t sure what causes this every year because it seems to happen before any of his “people” develop their allergy symptoms, but we will have to go and get him his new prescription and try to put the medicated cream on. The keyword being “try” as he has to see what you’re doing and wants to EAT everything! lol

What I also love is that all four of my kids are here 🙂 Matthew is finishing up his spring break and Melyssa is just starting hers, so there was a three day overlap. The girls had a dance friday night and if I do say so myself, they looked beautiful! I can’t believe how quickly my kids are growing up.

Softball tryouts begin tomorrow, Em has been the varsity first baseman since freshman year and Nicole will be the varsity starting pitcher this year as a freshman following in their older sister’s footsteps who also made varsity as a freshman as their starting third baseman. It will be so much fun to watch them play together for the High School. Emily fractured her right thumb playing indoor softball this winter and it has been slow to heal, we go back again on Tuesday to find out if she can start physical therapy and hopefully be ready for the first game at the end of March. Positive thoughts will be much appreciated 🙂

I haven’t managed to knit this week as my leg has been terribly swollen and painful by the time I get home from work, so sitting isn’t an option. I haven’t quite figured out how to knit for any extended length of time laying down. I’m hoping to put the finishing touches on Melyssa’s owl mittens and then get some opinions from all of you on a project that is very important for me to finish quickly.

Laptop update…..

After locating the paperwork on this laptop, I was able to prove that I had a two year warranty on it that HP insisted I did not have. After fighting with 3 people from HP online who were “explaining” to me that my two year warranty was only good for 11 months (AAAAAAACK) and then fighting with two more people over the phone who were “explaining” the same thing to me, I finally was connected to a woman with A BRAIN! She, along with her manager, actually listened to what I was telling them, figured out that HP had made an error when logging in the warranty paperwork that we sent in when we purchased this machine; fixed the error, sent me a box and FedEx has picked it up to have the Motherboard, Operating System and Harddrive replaced as well as whatever else it needs.

I then received a call from a case manager apologizing for all of my trouble and to tell me that since I had to purchase a battery last August because of their warranty error, he was adding another year of full warranty coverage when this one runs out.

My daughter’s words to me “You know Mom, sometimes I am so happy that you’re a @itch”! Complement??????? lol

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, we are cooking on the grill tonight! YAY



7 responses to “~Spring is in the air~

  1. Wasn’t it a beautiful weekend. The weather couldn’t have been better, for March that is.I hope Emily’s thumb is better quickly. I can’t imagine how painful that must be.I’m glad your laptop issues are finally nearing an end. I hate dealing with companies over things like that. Good for you speaking strongly and getting what was rightfully yours.

  2. Man the weather was something spectacular this weekend, we enjoyed it here too! Love your new bloggy background. 🙂

  3. I can’t believe two of them are in college now!! (I know, neither can you.) I’m sending healing thoughts to your leg, Em’s thumb and Beau’s chin. Hurray for winning the laptop war. 🙂

  4. I’m always reminded of the quote from the movie “Delores Claiborne”, “sometimes, being a bitch is all a woman has to hang on to”. Ain’t it the truth. Glad you got the laptop debacle straightened out in your favor. Maybe these people need to go back to school and brush up on their math, 11 mo’s = 2 yrs? Huh?Fractured thumb? Yikes!! Isn’t it great now that spring is almost here and the days are getting longer? Chief has some skin allergies too, They’re the worst, seems like they’re practically untreatable.

  5. Those two young ladies are beautiful! Good for you getting that computer stuff straightened out. I’m glad you got to enjoy the weekend. It looked beautiful here but the air is really cold!

  6. Hope Beau feels better soon. *L* hopefully he won’t eat his cream, silly dog!Hope Emily does well with her PT. : )Those kids are growing up to fast. Knitting laying down is *really* hard. Can you sit up a bit and use one of those funny chair pillows? What a compliment! Good job on winning the war, you where just stating facts. Its amazing how many stupid people work for computer companies!

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