~The Healing has Begun~

The surgery is a week behind me today – THANK GOD! All went well from what I’m told and after a very long morning of waiting last week the surgery was finally performed at 2:15 ~ I was scheduled for 12:45, but the operating room was tied up – UGH! 14 hours without anything to drink was brutal and caused the vein in my hand to collapse when the IV was inserted, but they put it in the bend in my arm. This didn’t cause a problem until later that night – every time I dozed off and moved my arm an alarm would sound – good lord – it was incredibly loud! I came home Thursday and have been doing very well – so I’m told. I stopped the percoset’s when I came home (I am NOT a pretty picture on drugs) and have been taking the prescription strength Ibuprofen. It takes the edge off which is good enough for me.

One of my biggest fears was that something would happen to my Mom while I was incapacitated and the phone call came yesterday morning as I was leaving with dh to have my staples removed. Mom fell and was being taken by ambulance to the hospital. She fractured her wrist, and is very bruised, but considering the fact that she is in the end stages of her disease, the wrist was a blessing. I shudder to think of what would be if it had been her hip or her ribs! My heart breaks now because I am of no use to her or my Dad at the moment, but she is at home again and the Visiting Nurses will take good care of her under my Dad’s watchful eye.

I have started knitting the French Market Bag from Knitty. I had some Reynolds 100% wool in the stash and figured it would be a good mindless knitting project – easy to pick up and put down. I do have a few questions regarding the felting process. I now have a front loader washing machine
  • have any of you felted using one of these machines?
  • any advise? tips? warnings?
  • What do you do to protect the machine? do you put the item to be felted in a pillowcase?

Any input would be very much appreciated. And since I have no pictures of said knitting to show at the moment, I’ll share some pictures of some of the gorgeous flowers I received while in the hospital.

Positive thoughts are welcome for Mom and my upcoming Nuclear Thyroid Scan and possible biopsies. Hopefully, this scan will put an end to the health issues here in my Tightly Wound World!

10 responses to “~The Healing has Begun~

  1. I’m glad to hear it went well and hope your mom is doing better soon. I have a toploader so I have no advice for the front but I will add that I do indeed put my items to be felted into a zippered pillowcase as a lot of fuzzies usually come off.

  2. I’m glad to hear that your surgery went well. Try to relax and rest as much as you can. You’ll heal quicker.I’m sorry to hear about your Mom. I’ll keep her in my thoughts.Good luck with the thyroid stuff. If you have any questions I’ve been down that road and then some.Karenhttp://nothingbutknit.blog-city.com/

  3. Healing thoughts to both you and your Mum.

  4. Cathy, my thoughts and prayers are with you. Take care of yourself please, I wish I had and I’m suffering the consequences. My foot is still in it’s cast and not healing properly as a result of my not taking care of me. I know that all will be well for you…ciao

  5. Sending healing prayers your way (and for your mom, too).Meanwhile, I also have a front loading machine and have wondered how the felting process would work in my new machine. I’ll be keeping an eye open to see what-all folks have to say on that…

  6. I can’t tell you how happy I am to hear that everything went well with you! Take this time to heal and relax girl. You deserve it! I’ll be keeping your Mom in my thoughts and prayers, I hope everything goes ok with her. I haven’t tried felting in my front loader yet, but I have felted in my old top loader. I would put my items to be felted in a zippered pillowcase or a lingerie bag. Good luck!

  7. I’m so glad to hear you are recovering well and feeling better. I’d been thinking about you!! Sorry to hear about your Mom’s fall. I don’t think you should say you are “of no use to them” though – even if you can’t go over and help them, your love and support are invaluable!!! I’ll keep thinking of you all.As for felting, mine is a top loader, so I can’t help there either. But I do put my projects in a pillow case – I don’t have a zippered one so I put an elastic band on top to hold it shut. 🙂

  8. Sending healing wishes & prayers to you & your Mom!

  9. I had my left lobe of my thyroid removed about ten years ago for the same reason. It was huge with nodules. The right one has nodules but they are small and they are keeping an eye on them. I also lost my voice for six weeks. I think Mr. Larj paid the surgeon off. Get better. Sorry to hear about your mom, you’re right though it could have been much worse. Glad to see the pics of Jen’s finished blanket and glad I could help. As for felting in the front loader…hmmm I’ve heard that it’s a bit of a pickle. Don’t have one myself but that’s just what I have heard. Try the Knitters Review forum for helpful advice too.

  10. YEAH! I’m thrilled your surgery was a success (even if the needle in your arm wasn’t). I’m sneding healing thoughts for you & your mom.

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