~Comforting Jenn Blanket~FINISHED~

The Comforting Jenn Project has been completed! It took me so MUCH longer than I would have liked to assemble all of the beautifully knitted/crocheted squares – but the result is, I think, beautiful! Please let me know what you think.
Click for bigger views
There are 5 squares that I could not get into the blanket – 3 due to size problems and 2 that I just couldn’t fit into it. I plan on sending these squares to Jenn with the blanket. The 5 that didn’t make it into the blanket were knit with as much love as the rest and I just KNOW that she will treasure them as well. Jenn has been known to do some quilting, so I wouldn’t be surprised if she worked them into one of her projects.
After a LOT of trial and error with colors and seaming, I finally decided to go with the black superwash. I thought it would separate and frame the squares in a way that gave them their own space and would also help to make the colors pop. I crocheted the squares together using single crochet. The edging consists of two rows of single crochet and one row of picots.
I will attempt to get the blanket wrapped and in the mail by the end of the week. Although it will be arriving much later than I had originally hoped, I am happy that it will get to her before June.
My MOST SINCERE, HEARTFELT gratitutde to ALL of you that contributed to this project. Taking time during the holidays to knit and mail your squares from all over the world touched my heart more than I can ever say!
I would like to send a special thank you to Cindy ~ without her encouragement, knowledge and assistance, this project may never have been.
I have been blessed to “meet” the most generous and kind people through this blog and I will be forever grateful to all of you. I consider your “friendship” a gift!


10 responses to “~Comforting Jenn Blanket~FINISHED~

  1. I think the blanket looks absolutely gorgeous!! You did a wonderful job getting the squares assembled and put together. I can’t even imagine what an undertaking that was. And you finished well before June. Good for you!!

  2. WOW! You really did an absolutely beautiful job putting all of that together. I think the black was the perfect choice and I’m sure Jenn will be thrilled when she receives it.Thank you for putting this all together. You are an amazing woman!

  3. The blanket is lovely. What’s neat is that the small photos on your blog make it look like a stained glass window with the black borders and edging. Good choice there. And it’s even more grand when you click and go to the larger photo of it. Wow! It’s going to be well received.

  4. Lovely! You did a great job seaming all those squares together! I can’t even begin to imagine how hard that was. Great job girl, great job!

  5. Oh how wonderful to see the blanket finished Cathy! Thanks for allowing us to help you comfort Jenn.

  6. Oh, it’s just beautiful! And it’s a great thing to include the additional squares. Maybe Jenn will make a pillow or something with them.

  7. i’m with vyvyan: the blanket is calm and serene as a stained-glass window. beautiful: good work to all. xoxo

  8. The blanket looks just gorgeous!You have done a wonderful job with it.Katt

  9. OH that is gorgeous!! You did an amazing job finishing it. I can imagine how long that took to do. Thanks for doing this-you are an amazing friend. Jen is lucky to have you.Kimberly http://www.thegivingflower.de

  10. The blanket is just beautiful. I am so glad that I was a small part of this project. Do let us know how Jenn is doing and what she thought of the blanket. Im sure she was touched by the gesture.Huggs….

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