~New England…. gotta love it!~

We have been on that roller coaster ride we call “New England Weather” lately! 70 degrees on Wednesday and 20 degrees today with a fresh pile of snow and ice to dig through!
(click for big)
Lots of knitting getting done, but I hate posting pictures of a blanket in progress – I’ve been working on my log cabin while watching movies with the “boy” home from college this week – making good progress and enjoying some mindless knitting! Lyss is in the Bahama’s with her Aunt, Uncle, Babci and cousins for the week – having a great time from what I’m hearing. We miss her terribly, but are all glad she is having some fun!
Here are the next pair of peekaboo mittens, finished for my co-softball coach. We will have warm hands this season! I hope she likes them and that they fit.
(click for big)
I used hand dyed (not by me) wool for these and although I love the colors and the way the yarn knit up, I was truly annoyed that the dye came off on my hands and wooden dpn’s. The colors are so dark, that it was truly difficult to clean my hands up after knitting on these. Anyone have suggestions for the needles, or are they destined to look like “crap” forever now? I really don’t want to sand the finish off of them and I am very apprehensive about using a damp cloth on them (not that I think it would work anyway). Suggestion are welcome from any of you who have run into the same problem.
I had my stitches removed this week from my “mole removal” and am glad to report that this one was not skin cancer! YAY! I have had one bout of a slow growing skin cancer when I was in my 20’s (thank God it was slow growing as my physician misdiagnosed it for 8 years!) so am very good about having them checked – too many to count and lots more to be removed. One at a time and hoping for the best!
Now for some snow fun…..
Even though most of the “humans” I know, including myself, are not at all thrilled with the weather developments, there is one chocolate furry friend here that LOVES it! I give you Beau and his duck!

(click for big)
He was in some serious need of a pair of Mom’s socks when he came in from playing in the snow and then found a nice lap to take a nap on! Check out the position – pretzel dog! lol

(click for big)
Enjoy the rest of your weekend, I’m off to softball practice (indoors) and then tomorrow I am driving to Vermont to return Matt to college – it will be a very loooooooooong day in the car and a sad, lonely ride home!

Happy Knitting!


4 responses to “~New England…. gotta love it!~

  1. Beau is too cute, I love those floppy lips! The mittens look great, you really worked those quickly!

  2. I WISH we had snow. I miss it and don’t hate me but I’m kind of sick of the warm weather here. That yarn is GORGEOUS but I hate “bleeder” yarn. I have no clue how to get it off the needles other than the sanding method. However, the gloves look great!Beau is adorable!! Kya & Duke are very jealous that he gets to play in snow.GREAT POST!!

  3. HI! I left a comment on the Peekaboo KAL site about cleaning your needles-hope it helps! The Mittens look great!

  4. awww beau! Too cute for words. : )Mittens are gorgeous! Hope your friend enjoy’s them. Glad to hear that you are feeling better

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