~A Miscarriage of Justice~

The plight of Julie Amero has recently been brought to my attention by Scout’s site. “Julie Amero is the seventh grade substitute teacher in Connecticut who is facing 40 years in prison after pornographic popup ads came up on her computer screen during a class in 2004″.

This woman’s plight is incomprehensible to me. I can’t believe something like this is happening to this woman! For 8 years I worked in a computer room in a Pre-k through 8 school and know full well that firewalls/adware/malware and most importantly popup ad programs fail on a daily basis. This has NOTHING to do with the dedication of the teachers or their supreme attempts at keeping children safe from this filth! They are most definitely prosecuting the wrong person for this, and the sad reality is that they know they would have too much on their hands if they tried to bring the large corporations that supply the faulty “safety nets” for these computer rooms to trial or try to put a stop to the people responsible for the filth in the first place! This truly is a HUGE miscarriage of justice and makes my blood boil as it could happen to any of us!

If you care to donate anything to her defense fund (go here), this mess has wiped the family out and I can only imagine the pain they are going through right now. “The State’s Attorney responsible for supervision of David Smith, the prosecutor in the Amero case, is Michael L. Regan. You might want to write him and strongly urge he help Smith file a motion to vacate the conviction. An e-mail to the Chief State’s Attorneys of Connecticut Kevin T. Kane and Connecticut Governor M. Jodi Rell can’t hurt, either. (There are more e-mail links on the Julie Amero site.)


One response to “~A Miscarriage of Justice~

  1. That is so wrong! That poor woman! Its shocking how if they can go after the top dogs they will make sure they punish someone smaller that doesnt deserve itKatt

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