I finally did it! I updated the images page for Jenn’s Blanket! The squares are just gorgeous, please feel free to head on over and take a look!

I thought I’d share one more picture of the two patients from last week – this silly dog slept on top of her for the longest time – the flash on my camera woke him up! They were the cutest pair last weekend!

Speaking of last weekend, I took a spur of the moment trip to CT to meet Patti for the day and I received my belated birthday present from her! It is awesome! I cherish hand made gifts, and these are just gorgeous!

First we have a lovely framed cross stitch…

I’m told she modeled the black sheep in that family after me and I have no IDEA what she could possibly be talking about! lol It is so, so cute!

Then she did some beaded cross stitch and made me these pins – I’ve been “hinting” for these for years – I don’t cross stitch as much as I used to because my eyes aren’t what they were, so I will truly cherish these little guys!

Then I got all of these goodies in the bag …. a new mug with some cute sheep on it, sticky notes – who can’t use sticky notes… breast cancer pens and a great panda cam book!
I do believe I made out like a bandit!

We also visited our favorite LYS – A Stitch in Time – while we were there and I bought myself a couple of little gifties…
I love this book, and can’t wait to start in on my stockings, since I am WAY behind in my mistletoes knit-a-long. Hopefully, I can get the stockings done for NEXT Christmas!

I also purchased these….

the gorgeous pattern for the Storm Water Shawl (bought that online), the size 17 and 19 Denise tips and another Chibi – because you can NOT have too many Chibi’s!

I also bought the companion set to go with my Denise set, but when I came home I read about the new Pink Denise Set that contributes a portion of the sale to Breast Cancer (actually they charge a couple of dollars more for the pink set and send that to Breast Cancer). I have since sent them my new companion set and will be receiving the pink set in return. I have contributed a few dollars and will get pink cords instead. This, I am thinking, may help me in my quest to learn the art of knitting with two circs!

All in all, I am excited with all of my new goodies!

I have been truly scattered with my knitting – I keep starting new things and not finishing anything! I am absolutely NOT going to have time to finish the Christmas knitting I had planned, and now that I have all of these wip’s I may never finish anything again! lol

I have NOT, on the other hand, finished my Christmas shopping or done any baking! I am quite behind and am soon to panic, no doubt! We had a horrific week at work, wherein our boss has resigned and we will be getting a new leader in January – a very hard situation for all involved – and not to be a whiner, but I work directly for this person and will soon work directly for the new person that I have never met – ah well – I am normally a pretty adaptable person, so hopefully it will all work out.

Tomorrow I will head on out to Vermont to pick up the boy from college! We can NOT wait for him to come home, we have a Confirmation class meeting for Em tomorrow afternoon/evening and then back to the grindstone next week! I am truly hoping for some extra hours in the days ahead so that I can finish preparing for Christmas!


5 responses to “~Goodies~

  1. I haven’t baked yet, either. I did make Chex Party mix yesterday, though. I guess that counts. And I finally started wrapping. Ugh.Is it too late to send a square?

  2. What an awesome birthday!!! I am casting on for my last CHRISTmas gift today- the swallowtail shawl from IK. I hope I can get it done in time!!!!!

  3. Sounds like you guys had a wonderful day!! Patti is so talented. I’ll have to be sure to check out Stitch in Time one day!! I haven’t begun my baking over here yet either – I suppose I should begin to panic. I’ve vowed to myself to make a few batches of dough today. Have a safe trip up to get Matt – hurrah!!!

  4. Baking? There are these places called bakeries, they sell cookies there…don’t do it!! I love the pic of your daughter with the dog…SO cute. He looks perfectly content to smush her. I have done some holiday knitting but never what I have planned. Oh well

  5. I’m so glad you got the square. A belated Happy Birthday and an early Merry Christmas. Take a deep breath……..then run.

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