~Soaring Eagles Project Needs Help~

I have a ton to post about, and more squares to show you, but I will wait on that until tomorrow. I have been contacted by a fellow blogger and asked if I would please put out a plea to American knitters (the few that come by here at least). It seems that the Soaring Eagles Project is about 100 items (for children ages 4-12) short of the amount they need by December 18th.

This is from the Soaring Eagles site:
“Please knit hats, beanies, headbands, mittens, whatever you would like to help our cause.The pieces will be given out to students in a grade level assembly on December 20th or 21st.Time from the 18th to the assembly allows us time to assign each child a gift.

Students range in ages 4 – 12. Sizes vary (4T size all the way up to adult size 5th graders). Types of yarn: please stick to cotton or acrylic or superwash wool. Wool is too hard to care for and I really don’t think that the students’ parents/guardian would be careful not to dry a wool hat.”

If you can manage, at this busy time of year, to make a hat, headband etc. for the project, then please head over to the blog or email theprocrastiknitter@yahoo.com.


2 responses to “~Soaring Eagles Project Needs Help~

  1. Thank you for doing this Cathy! I really hope we get a few more people to help Rachel out! Thanks againKatt

  2. Since my knitting list is long anyway, what’s one more item? I’ll notify Soaring Eagles right now that I’ll knit something & mail it ASAP!

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