~Socktoberfest Post~

This is my VERY LATE Socktoberfest sock questionnaire post! I hope I’m not too late on this, life just seemed to get the best of me lately. I am looking forward to trying to catch up with all of the Socktoberfest fun ~~ so here goes!

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  1. When did you start making socks? Did you teach yourself or were you taught by a friend or relative? or in a class? I taught myself how to knit socks. I was ABSOLUTELY TERRIFIED of the needles, the heel, the toe EVERYTHING! I kept my few trusty reference books near me, used the internet if I got too confused and plugged away. The first sock I knit was a Christmas Tree Ornament sock – it hooked me. I just can’t imagine how the first person to ever knit a sock came up with it! It is truly genius and NEVER boring!
  2. What was your first pair? My first wearable pair of socks were a basic 2 x 2 rib at the top, ankle high pair of clog/house socks. Toasty warm and fun to knit – I have to say that I was TOTALLY fascinated turning a heel – making the toe, Kitchener stitching! IT WAS DEFINATELY MAGIC! I don’t remember what yarn I used for them, but these are similar. I have since made all sizes, colors and shapes, but unfortunately I didn’t take pics of many of the adult socks before they were gifted (I NEED to keep more for me).
  3. What would you have done differently? I would have used a softer yarn, but at the time I didn’t know much about socks, sock yarn or all of the wonderfulness out there! There were no LYS’s around here that I knew of and large craft stores didn’t have the variety of yarns they carry now. The internet didn’t occur to me as a place to look for “sock yarn”. I also had a trying time teaching myself dpn’s (I was using cheapo metal ones that kept sliding out of my stitches), I wish I had known what was out there to chose from.
  4. What yarns have you particularly enjoyed? I like Trekking XXL a lot, A LOT! I love the colors, I love the way it works up, it is fun to watch what the colors will do next. I’ve used Reynolds Swizzle and Kroy, I want to try the Koigu and I have a lovely skein of Fleece Artist here waiting for me to knit it up along with lots and lots of others in my sock yarn drawer(s) ;). I also have had my eye on some gorgeous colorways from Scout – I missed the first ordering of the Socktoberfest Colorway due to some serious computer issues 😦
  5. Do you like to crochet your socks? or knit them on DPNs, 2 circulars, or using the Magic Loop method? Although I have crocheted for years and years, I have so far only knit socks on DPNs. I can NOT knit socks with metal dpn’s of ANY kind, I am a total klutz with them. They slide out, end up on the floor and ruin my sock knitting fun! I have the Magic Loop pamphlet sitting here waiting for me to give it a go and I also would like to try two socks on two circs some day, I just really enjoy my dpns and keep putting it off.
  6. Which kind of heel do you prefer? (flap? or short-row?) I love the heel flap – absolutely. I love everything about it, and it’s fun to do! I’ve only done short rows once and I wasn’t all that fond of it. I do have a LOT of sock books and plan on making myself try different styles of heels and I suppose I should try the short rows again just to give it a fair chance.
  7. How many pairs have you made? I have made probably 9 – 11 pairs of adult socks and at least a dozen pair of baby socks – and 1 & 1/2 pair of sock earrings – those 00000 dpn’s will poke a hole in your finger like you wouldn’t believe! lol


Socks are truly my favorite thing to knit, I take them with me for something to knit on while I wait and watch sports and they are a fantastic conversation piece. People seem to be fascinated that someone would knit something they could buy at Walmart and most don’t “get it” when I try to explain that the two can’t be compared. DPN’s totally fascinate people and keep fidgety kids still and somewhat mesmerized which endears me to most of their Mom’s ! lol I often forget to post pictures on this blog of finished socks because they are always going – I guess I should be more aware 🙂


3 responses to “~Socktoberfest Post~

  1. I don’t think it’s ever too late to post the Socktoberfest questionnaire. I really enjoyed reading your answers. 🙂 You can totally do two socks on two circs. That was my Olympic challenge, but it was much easier than I had imagined it would be. 🙂

  2. great sock history! Loved reading your awnsers, and I love your sock earings ; )

  3. Those wee sock earrings are too cute!

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