~I am Thankful~

I am more thankful than words can possibly express. This is the vehicle my oldest and youngest daughter were in on Saturday afternoon when a “driver” coming down the road toward my daughter decided to suddenly take a left. In my daughters own words “Mom, he looked right at me and just hit the gas and turned into me” – I don’t know, maybe he thought her car was a mirage?????????????? Oh and did I mention that his license was suspended so he was driving ILLEGALY, he was driving someone else’s car and that he almost certainly has other more serious “issues” as well!….

as you can see – he didn’t quite make the turn! He also showed no regard for the girls after the accident. I am more than thankful that they are ok. Nicole has a splint on her wrist for a sprain. They are sore, but in one piece. I am blessed….. but I am VERY, VERY ANGRY.
Thank you for your thoughts, prayers and wishes for Jenn. I will share them with her soon. If I haven’t contacted you personally, please forgive me as my computer crashed and although I now have a new one, I haven’t retrieved everything off the other one.


8 responses to “~I am Thankful~

  1. I am so glad no one was seriously injured. Karenhttp://nothingbutknit.blog-city.com/

  2. Oh my goodness, how scary . . . both for them and for you. I am so thankful they are both okay. Sounds like the guy who hit them is a real piece of work. I hope he gets in serious trouble for this one.

  3. That is pretty scary, particularly given what just happened to your friend. I am glad your girls are okay. There are so many bad drivers out there, drivers with suspended licenses….it is such a bad situation and the punishments are so lenient that I don’t think these people take it too seriously. Thank goodness this ended relatively well for your girls.

  4. thank goodness!sure hope they throw the book at him!glad to hear she’s alright. Car crashes are so scary. I’m still flinching from mine.

  5. Thank God, they are both ok. It’ sooooo scary. I hope you don’t have any more problems.

  6. ohmygoodness!I’m glad to hear your girls are alright. very scary

  7. Oh my! There are some crazy people out there. Obviously that man didnt have his license for a REASON! I am so glad your daughters are safe..slightly bruised but safe.Katt

  8. Thank goodness they are ok. I’ve been in 3 accidents where the others have been at fault-luckily no one was injured but it sure is frustrating and scary. My love to you and your family!!

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