~Knit-a-Longs and Crafting Fun~

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Well here we are again in October! I have once again joined Lolly’s Socktoberfest and made another button…. Image Hosted by ImageShack.us (feel free to take it, but please save it to your own computer ). I will most likely be concentrating on baby socks this year, as there seems to be an abundance of babies on the way! I’m hoping to get in another pair for me, because out of all of the socks I have knit, I have only kept one pair!


There really has been knitting and crafting happening here – I finished the Absorba bathmat from the Mason Dixon Knitting Book – it was made out of 4 strands of Sugar and Cream and size 15 needles in the Log Cabin style. It was a very quick knit and although I read a lot about how sore people’s hands were while knitting this, I didn’t seem to have a problem. I switched to my Denise circs when it was too cumbersome to hold on regular needles. I made this to fit in our RV’s bathroom. I think there will be more of these to come. It is incredibly soft and squishy underfoot and would make a great gift – maybe in a basket with some handknit face cloths, special soaps, body lotion etc.

I LOVE this book – there are so many great ideas in it and it is a fun read! Ann and Kay did a fantastic job on it 🙂

I have joined Laura’s Image Hosted by ImageShack.us. I have been wanting to knit Christmas stockings for the family for years, and never got around to it. I don’t know that I’ll be able to finish all 6 this year, but at least I can get started and keep it going. Check it out and knit-a-long with us!


In other crafting news… The girls got together and replenished my potholder supply, digging out my old loom and loops and going to town. There are more, but those have been put in the camper and you get the idea anyway! lol


I’ve been washcloth knitting also – quick, easy, mindless projects to take along to field hockey games, doctor visits etc. I made some for the camper in my favorite Sugar n Cream color (Spice Print) which is no longer made – if any of you have any idea where I can get some I’d truly appreciate it).
Yesterday, I did something I don’t normally do, I went with a friend Yard Sale”ing”! We had such a good time, and I was thrilled that I found some things for the camper – correll dishes and a Farberware pot to name a few. I also got a Tupperware cake carrier for $1.25! My friend picked up a bread machine like mine for $4.00 and a turkey roaster (electric) for $5.00. All in all it was a great day and a lot of fun! I’d show you pictures, but the camera is out of batteries and I have no more in the house! ugh!
Well it is a rainy Sunday, I’ve got laundry going, dishwasher is running and I’ve pulled out Fall/Winter clothing and stored away my summer things – so I think I’ll go and do some knitting.
I’ll leave you with a picture of my little Beau and his “blankie” from yesterday!


2 responses to “~Knit-a-Longs and Crafting Fun~

  1. Did you see the Socktoberfest yarn from Scout????? It’s fabulous! My Socktoberfest socks will have to wait till it arrives now…Yard Sales are great fun and this time of year is perfect for them (at least I think so), what great finds!

  2. WOW! You’ve been busy! I remember making those potholders with my Aunt when I was a kid. Love your bathmat, looks comfy

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