~We’re Baaaaaaaaaaaaaack!~

Well, we’ve been back for about 10 days now and this is the first chance I’ve had to even THINK about posting! We had a wonderful vacation, gorgeous weather except for rain the middle weekend. I did a LOT of reading (9 books), the kids finished up their summer reading for school and started on some “fun” reading of their choosing. My MIL came with us and my cousin came up from Ohio, along with various other visitors, it was certainly a lot of fun!
(pictures are all clickable thumbnails)
The beach is NEVER crowded…
Leaving lots of space for fun activities….



Swimming…Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Pitching Practice…

Field Hockey Practice…

Piggy-back Rides…

Beau did some SERIOUS sand tasting…

and seaweed sniffing…

Last night on the beach…

I brought along some knitting, but started (yup…. another WIP – I couldn’t help myself) a log cabin blanket with stash yarn – Wool-Ease Sport Weight Heathers – that is working up quickly and is incredibly fun to make. I neglected to bring it with me this weekend for all of the tournaments, so it hasn’t made much progress since I started it.

I worked a LOT of hours last week getting ready for the incoming students and tweaking handbooks etc. We had the cardiology appointment for Nic and various other appointments that had been planned before we left. It feels, at times, as though we never went away!

Em had her last tournament this weekend and I have to say that we won’t be missing the coach she had for this team! Nic’s tournament went well, they had a great time, made it to the finals and she has one more. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to Lyss’ tournament this past weekend as I was in Ashland, DH was in Halifax and Lyss was in RI, but she has one more and we all plan on making that one! We made the appointments to have wisdom teeth removed in the fall for Matt and Lyss and are getting things ready for Matt to move back to college. WHERE HAS THE SUMMER GONE!

I apologize for my lack of comments on all of your blogs, I haven’t had a chance to get to my bloglines, not sure that it’s possible to catch up at this point, but I’ll be along soon to visit!

I hope you are all having a great summer, I’m off to catch up on the never ending supply of laundry and maybe out to shop for a chair that won’t put my back out at the tournaments!


5 responses to “~We’re Baaaaaaaaaaaaaack!~

  1. Welcome back!!! It sounds like you had a wonderful time – I’m so happy for you!!! Whew, you sure have been busy since you’ve been back though. Try to find a few moments for quiet time for yourself – okay?? Love ya!

  2. Welcome back. Those are some great pictures! Looks like a lot of fun.

  3. Welcome back Cathy! The pictures tell the story of a wonderful vacation – yay for you all! 🙂 And all that reading – how great!

  4. Welcome back! awww, the beach… *sigh* I miss it already! Sounds like you guys had a great vacation too! I know what you mean, where did summer go?? Why can’t it be longer, really? ; )

  5. Welcome back! Great piccies!! Looks like a lot of fun.I am with Karen try and get some quiet time for yourself.Katt

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