~Lost in Cyberspace~

AGAIN a post lost by blogger!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t know about you all, but I find it hard rewriting a post that has been completed – not sure why this is happening – any of you using Blogger having issues? I’m up for suggestions on alternative hosts – not sure what I’m going to do as of yet, just keeping options open.

I have some work to get done, but will be back with my post, hopefully, later today! Stay Cool 🙂


3 responses to “~Lost in Cyberspace~

  1. Having problems??? OH yes! I understand your frustrations completely – I am going to pay for a website and be done with Blogger. It may be free, but the hassles cost you big time in terms of energy, time and lost posts!

  2. I use blogspirit, before I hit the save button (and usually a few times while writing the post) I copy and paste what I’ve wrote into a outgoing email message, and I don’t delete it until I see my post on my blog. That way if my post gets lost in cyberspace I still have it! (this was learned after I lost.. oh about 3 posts!*L*)

  3. Not having problems at the moment with blogger in the way that you are but I have with piccies and with trying to go back in and correcting mistakes in posts.Blogger really need to pull their socks upKatt

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