~on why I HATE Blogger~and am so pround of my kids~

THIS was possibly the MOST IMPORTANT part of the previous post and Blogger ATE IT. It isn’t annoying enough that it changes my font, the font size and randomly decides whether or not to center or justify anything I type, but it is now CUTTING UP MY POSTS! I’m thinking it might be time to rethink my Blogging set up.
Rant over ~ I will TRY to recreate what I said about this lovely young lady….
Emily was inducted into the National Junior Honor Society. This achievement won’t be lost on those of you that remember what she went through in the fall (for those of you that have no idea what I’m talking about and wish to know more, click here for the back story). After taking the advise of her teachers and moving up into the Honors Group, 2 and a half months into the school year, Emily not only caught up on the work she had missed, but brought all of her grades up. This fact, along with all of her community service earned her a nomination and acceptance into the NJHS. To say that we are all very proud of her would be an understatement.
Matthew was unable to be here, and Nicole was unable to attend the ceremony, but Melyssa chose to opt out of a playoff game (with her teammates and coaches blessings) to attend her sister’s ceremony. I can’t express enough, how grateful I am that my kids (most of the time) have their priorites in the right place – chosing to be a part of her sister’s big night, in my opinion, was most definately the right place for her to be. Congratulations – I love you!
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4 responses to “~on why I HATE Blogger~and am so pround of my kids~

  1. Congrats! You all should be proud!

  2. So much going on! No wonder we haven’t been hearing from you! Congrats on EVERYTHING! How on earth is it that you haven’t collapsed from exhaustion yet?

  3. Such GREAT stuff going on over there!! I’m so proud of all of them. 🙂

  4. congrats! wonderful…so terrific.

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