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Today is the “baby’s” birthday. She was a “surprise gift” baby and has been that ever since! She never ceases to surprise me. She is 12 years old and I am struggling to figure out HOW THIS HAPPENED! She was a wonderfully happy baby, drank enough milk that I seriously thought about getting my own cow ;). Patti used to tease that she’d drink herself into a milk induced coma every night. (she still LOVES milk) She used her infant rocker seat until she was 3 years old (I had to throw it out while she was sleeping!) She was so funny with that seat – she would drag it into the middle of the living room, plop down in it like it was her own personal recliner and read a book, or watch a movie or just lay there and sing – need I say that she DID NOT fit in it, even a little bit! lol

She has grown into a lovely young lady, sweet and kind with a great sense of humour and an innate sense of fairness. She has good friends, does fantastic in school and LOVES, LOVES, LOVES SOFTBALL. She is the starting pitcher on two teams and has been much sought after for others.

She likes to sing, watch movies, play basketball with her brother and sisters, talk on the phone to friends, do her nails and SHOP! She tends to be on the shy side with people she doesn’t know, but is totally unreserved with people she is comfortable with. She is a huge help at home, always lending a hand, mostly without being asked and she is most definately on the cat’s “favorite people” list. He cuddles up to her like he’s a baby.

I have been truly blessed with all of my children and today we will happily celebrate another wonderful year in the life of our Nicole!

Happy Birthday Sweetheart



5 responses to “~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY NICOLE ~

  1. What another wonderful post. Happy Birthday, Nicole!!

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY NICOLE!!! Wish we were there to share it with you! Heck, I wish I was there sharing your cake, you know I’d eat it all 🙂 We love you!Auntie Patti, Uncle Brian, Andrew and Ryan

  3. Happy Birthday Nicole! Hope you have a great day!What a beautiful daughter you have! Harley was the same. She use to sit in the bouncer when Rachelle wasnt using it (when Shell was a baby). She was 3yo. Loved to lay in it and watch tv Harley did.Katt

  4. You have such a wonderful family, I love to hear all about them and share their special days. Happy birthday to your baby!!!

  5. Happy Birthday Nicole! Hope its a Great one!!! YAY!! : D

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