~Happy Birthday Matthew~

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usHAPPY BIRTHDAY MATTHEWImage Hosted by ImageShack.us I love you!

19 years ago today I was blessed with the birth of my first child and only son. I truly thought my heart would burst! Never in my life had I been so happy, and he has brought me more joy in his 19 years than I can put into words.

He was due to be born on his Daddy’s birthday (the 29th). My last day of work was Friday the 3rd ~ Dr’s orders. I had my Dr. appointment on the 3rd, everything was great I went home early afternoon with plans to have lunch with my boss on Monday and promptly went into labor! lol So much for preparations – I went to the hospital at around 11 that evening and after about 36 hours of labor and 2 hours of pushing, he was delivered by C-Section at 10:35, Saturday, April 4th.

What a great baby he was! Happy, smiling, cuddly – and then such a fun little boy. He loved his blocks (any kind ~ legos, tinkertoys, lincoln logs) matchbox cars (hundreds of them), squirt guns, ninja turtles, going for walks, puzzles, stories, playdough, singing!


He has been a wonderful brother to his three sisters, a joy to his grandparents, well loved by his teachers, friends and co-workers. He loves music, movies, fishing, the beach, trap shooting, his friends, and his family. I thoroughly enjoy his company! He has a wonderful sense of humor (always has), a quick wit and no enemies that I know of. I have been truly blessed!


This is the FIRST time I haven’t been with him on his birthday and I am finding it to be a very, very difficult first. He is away at college in Vermont, with a cold, a snow storm and college food! Not the kind of birthday a Mom wants for her “baby”. lol He is in good spirits, has some great friends and is coming home a week from Friday for Easter!Image Hosted by ImageShack.us We will DEFINATELY celebrate when he’s home ~ I just need to get through today!

3 responses to “~Happy Birthday Matthew~

  1. Happy Birthday!! What a wonderful post. I’m a bit teary eyed myself.

  2. Happy birthday to your “baby”. I know it’s tough not to have him physically here with you – but I get the feeling you two are always together, even a few states apart. I hope he gets over his cold soon.

  3. Thank you all for the birthday wishes. Getting over the cold already, and as far as the snow goes, i have no comment. It was a great bday though, and this is quite the article i must say. Thanks mom. Love you, and i’ll see you soon. -Matt

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