~FO and Prom Dress~

Well there is something to be said for having the “stomach bug” and being home…. Knitting WILL take your mind off of nauseau for brief increments of time.

I actually have a FO! WOOOOO HOOOOOO I had never worked with this yarn before but found it to be great to work with. This yarn also does not repeat its color patterns, which I wasn’t sure I’d be able to tolerate as I am one of those anal people that really, really NEED things to match and be even etc. etc. etc. I think I can live with these, however, because I truly love the yarn. I have also discovered that I am TOTALLY INCAPABLE of following any kind of pattern – somehow I always seem to find a problem with it and change it/rework it/rewrite it…. you know “make it better” (which isn’t always the case ;)) so that it seldom even resembles what I started with. I’ll share what I did soon in case anyone is interested. These mitts flew off the needles and I think that they will be a great Softball Tournament knit (put away for Christmas gifts), along with the socks – ‘cuz there are ALWAYS socks! 🙂 Here is the fruit of my labor….

(click) (click)
Diakieto Yarn
50% Wool, 21% Mohair, 29% Nylon
122 yards
size 6 Clover DPN’s

Speaking of Softball…. it is beginning in earnest now. 7 teams between my 3 daughters, and they are all so excited. Lyss was so incredibly excited the other day, she was one of the two Juniors that her Varsity Teammates voted in as Captain – they have their first game today, another tomorrow and a tournament on Saturday. I was filling in my calendar the other day and realized that not only do we have “travel team” tournaments from Memorial day on, but from the 2nd weekend in July through the 3rd weekend in August we have 3 day tournaments, every weekend all over creation!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lots and Lots of Knitting time! I’m praying the gas prices calm down, but I think that is a futile prayer.

Speaking of Lyss….. before this stomach “thing” hit me full force, we went dress shopping. Now keep in mind – Lyss has NOT worn a dress since her First Communion TEN YEARS AGO (and that was only because she HAD to)! She picked the 2nd dress she tried on and is thrilled to pieces with it….. Let me present to you – Lyss’ Junior Prom Dress…..

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
The dress IS black, as in the 2nd picture (the zipper is half down, I didn’t notice it while I was taking the picture) and looks great on her. Now all we need to do is find shoes and accessories and she will be all set! HOORAY (I got ALL teary on the way home when it hit me that my tomboy/sportsnut actually BOUGHT and will be WEARING a GOWN! I can’t believe she is all grown up – gotta stop now, or I’m gonna start blubbering all over again!
I also bought a pattern a couple of weeks ago online, and received it in the mail while I was sick! I COULD NOT resist this little guy….. I will be trying to figure out what color and what kind of yarn to purchase to make him look like a chocolate lab so as to resemble my Beau! It calls for DK weight yarn – any suggestions on what would work well?

I would also like to apologize if the font gets all messed up on this post as in past posts. I’m not quite sure what is up with blogger lately, but I’ve checked the html and it is all set, but for some reason when I post, it plays games with me.

Have a great SPRING TIME day everyone!


6 responses to “~FO and Prom Dress~

  1. Oh those mitts are great!! I love that yarn too. Fabulous job!That is also a very un-tomboyish dress. Not bad.I can’t wait to see the knit dog-what a cool pattern.

  2. So glad that you are feeling better. =) I love the mitts and that dress? WOW! It’s gorgeous! Not even a glimmer of tomboy!Jo Sharp DK is fantastic wool, lots of colors, nice to work with and cucumberpatch.com has Rowanspun DK at a great price, it’s hard to tell from the pictures, but it looks like Thor may be brown. They also have an Ebay store (user id is ecclescakes). They are wonderful to deal with, too!I can’t remember, did you get the Diakieto around here?

  3. Oh no, stomach bug??? You just can’t catch a break this winter, can you? Good thing it’s just about spring. 🙂 I love your mitts. I’m with you, the non-matching stripes would tend to drive me crazy too, but it works on those mitts. It’s so cute!!

  4. Kick that stomach bug!! The dress is very nice!Love the mitts too. Great colors 😉

  5. I hope you are feeling better…love the mits, and I love that knit dog, too! What fun is that?

  6. the yarn is gorgeous! hehe i too am not a pattern-follower! 😉

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