~Fun, Foils and Stash Enhancement~

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Well, I’m back and the weekend wasn’t much better than my “week of Mondays”, not to mention the fact that it is WICKED COLD!!!!!!! 😉 Despite that, the girls and I had a really fun day today.
My two younger girls had their hair foiled for the first time ~here they are in all of their foiled beauty! lol

and here they are in their finished glory (I’ve smudged their stylist’s face as I didn’t tell her she’d be “blogged”)(click), we went shopping at a local discount store that had YARN ON SALE – here is a picture of a sampling of the un-needed stash enhancement 😉 (although the AMOUNT of yarn purchased will remain undisclosed ~ seeing it in print might just scare me half to death!) it was gorgeous yarn – Kroy sock yarn (can NEVER have enough sock yarn) – Bernat, Lily, Patons and lots of large cones which would be great for the knitting machine (different mixes such as cotton/rayon, boucle/acrylic, and mohair/acrylic) – although I haven’t had the time to even attempt to figure out my machine. I was given a circa 1950’s/1960’s Knit King Machine – it’s gorgeous – made of steel, no plastic ~ one of these days I’ll find the time to play with it)

and last but not least, the much loved Stephanie… aka Harlot is having an Olympic Knit-a-long ! Check it out, it sounds like a blast. I’ve decided to join along for the fun of it (because I have NOTHING else going on and I need to see how much I can push that ONE LAST NERVE I have left 😉 shhhhhhh leave me to my delusions).

Now, just so you don’t start to think that all I do is buy yarn and not knit it, here is a picture of my cast on “Artists Gloves”, that are being knit in the Llama Seta that was meant to be part of “the evil socks”. . This pattern just flies, and barring any unforseen “Mondays”, I just might have a FO before too long! YAY!!!

I hope you all had a great weekend, and for those of you that expressed an interest, I’ll post the recipe for the Chili Soup as soon as I can.

Remember~~~ it’s never too late to de-lurk 😉


4 responses to “~Fun, Foils and Stash Enhancement~

  1. Your girls’ highlights look fabulous! It’s been so long since I’ve been to a real salon (usually Loreal does the trick these days! ;-)) that I’d forgotten about the whole foiling bit. How fun! And yay for stash enhancement!! Looks like you got some fabulous new yarn- I’m especially loving the sock yarn. I’ve always wanted to try those knitting machines- can’t wait to see what you knit up using yours. Your gloves are looking fantastic and I know you’ll have a FO soon, you Olympic contender! 😉 Take care, Cathy! 🙂

  2. Ooohh, all that yarn . . . nothing better to warm up a wicked cold day!! (I laughed at that “wicked” thing – brought me straight back to college in Mass!). I’ve been debating joining the Olympics too – I think it might be fun. I have to think about what project would be appropriate. Have you picked one yet? Your gloves are going to be fabulous, can’t wait to see them!!

  3. You are right – never too much sock yarn ;)Good luck with the Olympics!

  4. Oh your stash enhancement sounds divine. And the Olympic knitting sounds like fun. I envy all the “athletes” but I just couldn’t take the pressure. Thank you for the nice comment on my blog!Karenhttp://nothingbutknit.blog-city.com/

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