~Quick Post and Recipe~

Hi all,
Thank you so much for all of your supportive and sweet comments. I am truly blessed to have met some very nice people through this blog. I’m very sorry I haven’t visited/commented on your blogs, I promise to be better soon!

I was at work all day yesterday making the “move”. The new office is WAY TOO small! Thankfully, I’m not claustrophobic, but I will miss the wide open, bright and cheery computer room. Ah well, I have to go back today as the desk that was in the new office is too small so they are bringing my desk upstairs. I need to try and organize the place so it is presentable. The Principal is taking three of us out to lunch today and then I have a dinner to go to with all of my brothers and sisters-in-law (hubby’s family) tonight. I really need to get all of this done as my brand new – broken refrigerator is being replaced “some time” tomorrow. Maybe I’ll use the time I’m waiting for them to come to “undecorate” the house. hmmmmmmmmm Then my oldest daughter’s birthday is on New Years Day so I will need to go shopping for that. Time sure is flying by.

I hope you all enjoy your day and enjoy the recipe below……


3 responses to “~Quick Post and Recipe~

  1. Wow wee, you sure have a busy week for a “vacation” week. Have fun finishing your new office and at your lunch with your co-workers. The family dinner sounds nice too. Here’s hoping the NEW new refridge works. Happy birthday to your daughter – it must be hard to have a birthdays so close to Christmas. Thank you so much for the recipe – it looks wonderful and also very easy. I’m thinking it will be great for a romantic New Year’s Day breakfast with my Sweetpea!!

  2. Glad to hear that the move is going well! Lunch and dinner out sound like such fun, too- enjoy yourself! And decorating the house for the holidays is always so much fun, but somehow, I find that undecorating seems much less so. 🙂 Hope the new fridge works out well this time. Sounds like you’ve got a full plate right now; hope you get a chance to relax and enjoy a breather soon. And Happy Birthday to your daughter, too! (That must’ve been quite an exciting New Year’s Day! ;-)) Take care and Happy New Year to you, Cathy! 🙂

  3. Goodness!! You have such a busy couple days going on. I too hope that you have a nice and enjoyable dinner out. I hope you aren’t stuck waiting on the new fridge for two long tomorrow. Thanks for the recipe, I made it for dinner ; ) It was very yummy. Take care and I hope you’ll check out my latest. Happy Birthday to Lyss and I’m sure I’ll talk to you before, but Have a wonderful New Year. Love you.

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