~NINE DAYS!!!!!!!!~

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Christmas is in NINE DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOW did this happen? Where have I been? Did someone take over my brain for the last two months????? Have I been asleep? In another dimension? I have NINE DAYS, well technically eight days to bake, shop, wrap, grocery shop, cook AND finish the knitted gifts that are in various stages of completion (or not as the case may be)!

It has been a pre-Christmas whirlwind of a week! One Christmas Concert (I work in a parochial school), one “Holiday” Concert (my kids go to public school) and a Christmas dinner with work. We have an “ice day” today, which isn’t helping me with my shopping, but I will finish wrapping what I have and maybe knit???? I cracked a tooth so part of tomorrow will be spent at the dentist (I DO NOT have time for cracked teeth and pain) and hopefully some shopping after the dentist. I am driving to Danbury, CT on Sunday for the day to meet my “sister” – it will be fun, and maybe some shopping too?!

Monday night (the only night I was home) I cranked out 5 of the “snowflake” ornaments (crocheted) in about an hour and a half and baked some cookies on Tuesday when I got home from work (they are all GONE – evidently I didn’t hide them quickly enough!), so our fantastic dog trainer received cookies and ornaments. One down – a LOT to go!

I wrote out and addressed my Christmas Cards this morning – I will be back at some point with pictures from the “Holiday Concert” (if they came out light enough), but right now I NEED to get something accomplished, before any more panic sets in.

Oh and a HUGE apology to my blogger “friends” for not reading/commenting on any of your wonderful blogs – I am WAY behind in that department too, please bear with me ok? Oh…. and did I tell you I will be changing positions (at the same workplace) during Christmas break?! AAAAAAAAAAACKK!

I am MOST definately “Tightly Wound” at this point – in case you hadn’t noticed! 😉 So…. as I said in my VERY FIRST blog post….”Welcome to my World


4 responses to “~NINE DAYS!!!!!!!!~

  1. I feel for you! We have almost everything done, but I’m not half as busy as you. I thinks it’s easier when the kids are little-just buy their gifts and be done. I hope. Oh gosh I forgot…

  2. Ah, nine days???? I must be crazy if I think I’ll get everything done – trust me, you are way ahead of the game compared to me! Take a deep breath, you can do it. And if not, it’s okay – Christmas will be fine with a few less cookies or a dusty house. 🙂 Have fun in Danbury . . . the mall there is one of the best in CT.

  3. Gosh, you’ve got so much on your plate right now! I don’t know how you manage to do even half of all that you do. We’re all cheering you on- you can do it, Cathy! And like Karen said, even if it doesn’t all get done, it’s really okay…the most important thing is to enjoy the holidays and to spend time creating memories with all the special people in your life. I’m sure just your being with your family will make it a “perfect” holiday in their eyes. Take care!! 🙂

  4. hehe, yep, it is that time of year! I wish you the best with all of the things going on! Make sure and take a deep breath and spend a little time on yourself too!

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