~The Aftermath~

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These were taken during the last phase of the clean up! As you can see on the right side of the pictures, my candy canes are buried and the lights on the bushes are all but invisible! lol

These are some “after” pictures. They don’t do the scenery justice. It is so pretty outside. The 1st is out my back door, the second is also out my back door and the third looks out over the brook out my kitchen windows. Unfortunately, the picture isn’t as good as it could be.
These are the stocking decorations that Em and Nicole made on Friday. They are deocrating their room and Matt’s (because you just KNOW there aren’t enough decorations ;)) I’m so glad they like to do these things. It keeps them occupied on snowy days.

Well folks, I finally did it – reality set in and I went Christmas Shopping! I was out for about 10 hours yesterday, got a good amount accomplished. Melyssa took her sisters shopping and they got theirs done! What a HUGE help that is, and they had fun to boot!

DH and I bought a new refrigerator, 26 cubic ft. – ours is 20 years old next month (oiy!). It should be coming next week, however, it will NOT fit under the cabinet (same problem we had when we moved in with the one we have (19 cubic ft). So he has his work cut out for him. He will once again have to remove the cabinet and cut it down along with the doors etc. I am so grateful that he can do all of this, we would never be able to get anything done in this house if we had to hire people. He has put in all the ceramic tile floors, windows, hardwood floors, ceilings etc. I also, FINALLY, bought a Duvet cover and dust ruffle for my new bed! I hated to spend the money on things like that, but it needed it so badly! The room is looking so nice now, dh put a laminate floor in last spring and did the windows, he has put up the moldings and I now have the curtains up also! It is so nice to have a pretty (read handsome for him ;)) bedroom. Now I have to get the pictures hung back up and it will look great. I went with a burgundy Duvet cover and Cream tailored ruffle. I have floral curtains that look great in there. I’ll take pictures when I get it all set. Can you tell I’m a little excited?! hmmmmmmmmm? lol

The girls also got their outfits for Christmas, they chose dress pants and sweaters this year, and we also picked up stockings for Buddy and Beau, because “Santa will leave them goodies too!” 🙂

On the knitting front (because technically this is a knitting blogImage Hosted by ImageShack.us ), I am finished with one doll body, worked in the round, and am starting the second. I’ll do the legs after as they just whip right up. I have hope that I may be able to surprise them with these THIS Christmas! YAY!
I also joined a Fingerless Gloves Knitalong, I had planned on making two people fingerless gloves for Christmas, that has not happened and will not happen unless there is a MAJOR miracle here in good ‘ole MA! I am dying to make Kimberly’s fingerless mitts, they are gorgeous and her own design! Check them out. If you have the time, look around her blog, she is truly multi-talented! Hopefully, I will be able to make them before the end of January.
A couple of pictures of stocking, bells, knit and crochet, along with a boot that I made when I was about 16 years old.
Well, I have the bread machine going again, and the washing machine is running (as usual), so I’m off to get some things done and have another cup of coffee :). My parents will be coming for dinner later and I’d like to get some knitting time in too.
I wish you all a restful, peace-filled Sunday!

3 responses to “~The Aftermath~

  1. Oh we bought a new comforter for our bed in March last year which was our 10 year wedding anniversary present. It was so expensive that we had to do that. We love it nonetheless, and it makes such a big difference in our bedroom. So I know how you feel about hating to spend money on stuff like that.Thanks for the wonderful comments!! I’m blushing.

  2. Cathy, I’m so sorry!! I don’t know what’s wrong with my Bloglines, but it’s not picking up your posts for some reason. I have to remember to check your blog if I don’t see anything lighting up in Bloglines. I’m so happy that you treated yourself to a new Duvet cover and dust ruffle! Everybody deserves to have a pretty (or handsome ;-)) bed to relax in, especially you! 🙂 I love Kimberly’s fingerless mitts, too. I’m hoping to make them next year as a selfish gift to myself after all the holiday knitting is done. I know it’s Hawaii and all, but my circulation just isn’t what it used to be anymore, lol! My hands and toes get cold all the time! Your family is so lucky to have fresh baked bread…take care!! 🙂

  3. Hi Cath! I love the snow pictures! You all got a lot more than we did!

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