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Looking out to the back of my house
Looking out the front to the right of my house
Looking out the front to the left of my house
What a WONDERFUL surprise! I LOVE snow days!! I had HUGE plans for this snow day…… Baking cookies and breads. Getting the house cleaned, or at least the floors washed. Watching a Christmas Movie with the girls! We have accomplished none of these things! We did, however, snuggle in bed a little longer this morning, the girls played/shoveled snow, had hot cocoa and lunch and are now in various rooms doing “crafts”. I LOVE this! They are doing whatever they want which usually brings out some fantastic creativity! The snow has picked up soooo much that I can no longer see the house across the street – hopefully my little Beau won’t need to go outside! lol
I have been plugging away at the Babe dolls for the girls – I have hope! I’ve been trying to be somewhat realistic in my knitting plans – I’d like to have a few things finished for gifts without working on too many and having NONE done! It’s quite a balancing act! lol I’m hoping to get some baking and shopping done this weekend as I will be driving to Connecticut one day next weekend to meet my “sister” with gifts for her and the nephews! Our get togethers are always something I look forward to. She lives in New Jersey and we both get up early and leave our houses to make it to our meeting place for around 8. We have breakfast together, shop, hang out, have lunch, cross stitch and knit and enjoy the day! We used to do this once every month or month and a half, but haven’t managed to meet since last spring 😦 I CAN’T WAIT!
As promised, here are some of my Christmas Craft “Phases” lol
These are just a few from the “beading phase”
I have bread going in the bread machine and am making Pasta e Fagioli [Italian style Pasta and Beans] for dinner, so I’m off to knit for a bit and watch a movie with Lyss! Have a wonderful day!

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4 responses to “~SNOW DAY!~

  1. What A day, huh? Glad you didn’t have to go out and were home warm and safe with the girls. Wanna send ’em over here to shovel for me now? =)

  2. Oh I just love snow days, too!! That sounds like my dream day.

  3. I’m so sorry for the late comment- something is wrong with my Bloglines, and it didn’t pick up your post. 😛 I just happened to click on your link and saw that you HAD posted- and yesterday, at that! Your snow pics are beautiful! Sounds like you had a wonderful day with the girls- snuggling in bed and hot chocolate sound so heavenly! Your bead tree reminds me of some of the ornaments my mom made when she was in her “bead phase” back in the ’80’s, lol. Your pasta and bread sound so delicious! I love pasta e Fagioli! Can I eat at your house for dinner? 😉 Take care and have a wonderful weekend, Cathy! 🙂

  4. Everyone loves a snow day! 😉 I liked seeing your Christmas crafts!

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