~Better Late than Never?~

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Time is FLYING by! Do any of you feel like time is spinning out of control? There are just not enough hours in a day or days in a week. I think I had better get moving on my Christmas shopping and baking and knitting! Oh My!!!!!!!!!! lol

I actually finished a couple of things …. If you look closely you can see not only a finished little Koala, but another set of mini Red Sox earrings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOO HOOOOOOO – two gifts (I REFUSE to dwell on what isn’t finished!)

and one of my favorite ornaments to make (it’s crochet – sorry ;)). These take NO TIME to make and are great for giving with baked goods or attaching to packages etc. I’ve made quite a few of these and have a bunch more to do.

Have any of you seen this ornament. I think it is adorable and would make a great add on gift for my knitting friends! If not this year, then next — I’m trying not to add more to my already incredibly long list of things to do! lol

I am home today with my little Beau – he was neutered yesterday and is somewhat out of it as you can see from this picture. He is the little brown ball on the couch, not caring AT ALL that the cat is right there. They were actually laying side by side (unheard of). This is what they looked like two days ago… Buddy (the cat) laying under and behind the tree and Beau wondering why he isn’t allowed anywhere NEAR the tree! He’s a bit better today than when the picture was taken last night. He and I were up at 3:30 this morning, outside in the FREEZING 14 degree temperatures – but you know, beauty can be seen at all hours – Beau brought a mother deer and her three little babies to my attention – such a lovely site in the moonlight and snow, that it even made me forget how cold I was for a minute!

I plan on doing some knitting today and also some crocheting as I need to make some more of the snowflake ornaments. I was amazed to look around at the decorations in the house and realize that most of them are handmade. I have been making ornaments of various kinds since I was a child and didn’t realize how many there were until my daughters brought them to my attention! I had phases though…. the macrame phase…. the crochet phase…. the beading phase… the dough phase etc. etc. etc. I thought that I would share some of the handmade things, here in my little world, with you all over the course of the next few weeks.

I also noticed how many Christmas Panda’s I have (for those of you that remember the post about collections), here are a few of them….

Matt’s Stocking ————Christmas Bears

Bobble Head ———-ornaments

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Candle —— ——-Snuggly Bears


I am off to attempt to make a couple of the Babe dolls for Em and Nicole. I’m going to try to make these in the round because I think they will go more quickly – I don’t purl as quickly as I knit. I also have another little bear going. So I am off to knit for a few hours before the girls get home, and then it is off to the costume store to get a Betsy Ross outfit for Nicole to wear for her Book Report on Friday! As much fun as it is for them to get dressed up, I have to admit that I miss the days when a book report was a book report – ON PAPER! I don’t have ANYTHING in the house that remotely resembles anything Betsy Ross would have worn and I’m not going to fool myself into thinking that I have time to sew her an outfit – Halloween Costume for next year! lol

Have a great day, I’ll be back as soon as I can and will post pic’s of some handmade decorations!

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Oh! for those of you that were interested, the Sleep Number Bed is FANTASTIC! We are loving it, and my back feels so much better in the mornings than it has for years!


2 responses to “~Better Late than Never?~

  1. I love the little Koala and Red Sox earrings! Miniatures are always so cute! And that crochet ornament is a great idea- it must really add that homemade touch to gift-tags. Poor Beau!! Hope he’s feeling a little better today. My cat acted much the same way when he got neutered. I imagine it isn’t a very fun procedure at all! 😛 Your panda ornaments are just the cutest. And I love that so many of your ornaments are homemade- it makes it so much more special when you reflect back on them. Good luck on getting everything done…the holidays sure are crazy!! (but fun!) Glad to hear your back’s feeling better..take care!! 🙂

  2. Yes, time is spinning out of control!!! A big pat on the back to you for having two gifts done and some Christmas decorations out. The handmade ones are so special!!!

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