~Baking, Shopping, Cleaning! Oh My!~

Not much knitting news to report. I have worked up one of the little bear’s arms, but haven’t managed much more than that. We have had to “be somewhere” every night this week and it is catching up to me and the house.
Also, reality has finally caught up with me and I now realize that pretending that a holiday is not looming just around the corner DOESN’T CHANGE the fact that IT IS!!!!!!!!!!!!! UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have no baking, shopping, cleaning done – my son is coming home from college tomorrow, my cousin is coming from Ohio Monday night to stay for a week, (which I will be very happy about once I get some stuff done), Thanksgiving is at my house (as are all the holidays) and I have to go to a conference tomorrow that I just found out about two days ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On top of all of this, I have a puppy that is in COMPLETE AND TOTAL denial about WHO IS IN CHARGE! I love this little guy with all of my heart, but after sadly losing two dogs in 3 years, I would have preferred a “cuddler” instead of a challenge. Don’t mind me – – – – I just yanked his head out of the KITTY LITTER BOX – I am still grossed out! You’d think that working in a Pre-k through 8 school would have minimized my gross out factor, but NO IT HAS NOT!

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The wonderful trainer came Tuesday night and Beau was on his VERY BEST behavior while he was here. When he left, the dog went nuts………. remember when you were in middle school and the teacher left the room and the SUBSTITUTE came in????????? Do ya? you know – spit balls flying, tacks on the chair, paper airplanes with paper clip noses soaring through the air and getting stuck in someone’s hair, chunks of eraser being slingshot by rubber bands across the room???????? Phew….. that was some kind of flash back! Anyhow, that is what this dog was like Tuesday. The teacher went home and Beau was left with the substitutes and he was a slingshot! I bet one of those Funny Video Shows would have paid big bucks to have seen this!

For those of you who have very kindly followed the Emily story – she is doing well in her new classes, seems to be upbeat, albeit a bit overwhelmed at times in math – 44 Algebra problems for homework last night. Her big sister sat with her for the last hour of the homework, checking it and making sure she understood what she was doing, and Em stayed after school with the math teacher today. He seems to be pleased and confident that she will be ok in the class. I’ll keep praying anyway 😉
Off to bed to prepare for another fun Friday 🙂

2 responses to “~Baking, Shopping, Cleaning! Oh My!~

  1. Yeah, my dogs have been caught doing the same thing… it is gross! Our dog’s name was actually “Beau” too, but we renamed her “Bella” because well, she was a girl! They even look similar–except Bella is black.Have a good weekend, Cathy.

  2. Do you have to keep reminding me that Thanksgiving IS LESS THAN A WEEK AWAY??!! LOL. I like my pretend world better, where I get to spend the next week knitting away leisurely. Sounds like you’ve definitely got a full plate (pun intended ;-)), too!! I guess it’s going to be a busy, busy week…but I think it’ll all be worth it once you get to finally sit down and enjoy your family’s company. It’s getting to that point that drives me crazy, though! So glad to hear that Em is doing well in her new class. 🙂 Beau is still such a cutie- even if he does stick his nose in the kitty litter box!!

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