~Never a dull moment~

It’s been one of those CRAZY weeks 🙂 You probably know how that works, there isn’t enough time in the day to get everything done that needs getting done, and yet it was a week that wouldn’t end?! Monday, at the last minute, my two youngest daughters were asked by their softball coach, to fill in at a game for two missing kids. They don’t officially play this indoor session because most of the games are on Sunday morning when they have CCD, so they were thrilled to go. At the same time they were called for this, my oldest daughter called to tell me she had a flat tire. Thankfully I had used the crockpot and we at least had food to eat when everyone finally landed!

Tuesday we had the dog trainer come for the first time to help us get our little Beau into shape before he weighs 100 pounds! lol. This man was wonderful! He trains service dogs full time and does some private training on the side. We shall see how it goes. Wednesday my little Beau had to go to the vet for two ear infections – poor little guy – which brings us to yesterday!
Yesterday was teacher conference day – I switched my day off from Wednesday to Thursday so that I could take care of visiting my three daughter’s teachers during the day. (My son is in college – one down!) I didn’t anticipate any curve balls as all three of them had A’s with maybe 2 B’s between the three of them. My oldest daughter is one of those all honors class kids, with a double science who gets all A’s and 1 B – I’m very proud of her and somewhat in awe of how much she can manage to do and keep those grades. She’s a sports nut, JV Basketball until this year, Varsity Field Hockey and Softball, she coaches two Jr. Division teams and plays on a travel team, along with all of her community service for Honor Society – now she has a job. She makes me incredibly tired! My other two are in Middle school. The youngest had A’s and the teacher visits were uneventful.
Bring on Em, my 8th grader……. she is in a group (our middle school system has “Team Teaching” and groups) of talkers – excessive talkers from what I’ve been told, you know the kind of class that talks over the teacher and doesn’t seem to care what kind of punishment they bring down on the whole class? There is also a new teacher in the mix who hasn’t figured out quite how to control those kids, so the first couple of months have been a challenge for all involved. The first teacher I visited, told me that *”Em is a great kid, quiet and a hard worker”, then came the words that set the ball, I had yet to see, in motion…… “I may be hated by the administration for this, but get her out of this group, she’s drowning! she does NOT belong in this group”*. HUH? Okaaaaaaaaaaaaay, well I thanked her very much for her much appreciated, if not DELAYED input,……. off to the next teacher…. repeat between ** I won’t bore you with all of the conversations, but it was more of the same and my head was spinning. After I saw the last teacher, I was sent to the guidance office. It turns out that Em’s name had been brought up a couple of times by this team of teachers regarding moving her – – – – and no one called me????? (I found that to be more than a little disturbing). To make this already incredibly long (and hopefully not too boring) story short, I came home (at the urging of Mrs. C (the guidance woman) and discussed all of this with Em. I brought her in to speak with Mrs. C and it looks like she will be moving into the honors class on Monday. The teachers all went to great lengths to explain to her that this move will be tough on her, and that she most likely won’t have all of the A’s on her report card next term, but they felt it to be for the best. I anticipate this being a good move for her, but I am concerned for her math. She will be moving from a pre-Algebra class to an Algebra class (note – I HATE algebra – when they threw letters in with my numbers and told me to “find y” – I FREAKED OUT! – we had a teacher shortage when I was younger and we were split up a lot, maybe that has something to do with it, but that is a story for another day…….. or not ;)) – the teachers are all willing to help her catch up and her older sister has offered to help her also. This ought to be an incredibly tough few weeks for all involved, but hopefully better in the long run for my “quiet child”. There is NEVER a dull moment.
On the knitting front…… knitting? what knitting? I WANT TO KNIT! I had a few minutes here and there to work on my “Babe’s” sweater, but that isn’t finished, the fuzzy feet aren’t even cast on yet (by the way, does anyone know if Lopi is any good for those? does it soften up after it is felted?), and the fingerless gloves are only a cast on. Today is most likely a bust in the knitting department, but I will bring it with me to the dentist office with the girls – just in case.
There is something to be excited about….. The heat will be going into my bedroom today – seeing as though it has been getting down into the 20’s and 30’s at night – I find this to be cause for celebration!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Warmth! at night!! WOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOO! My dh put a new floor in our bedroom last spring, plastered the walls, put in new windows, etc. etc. and pulled out the last radiator in our house. The rest of the house has cast iron baseboards (which are not only very heavy, but very expensive), so he has procrastinated in putting in the heat. Well, today is the day and I couldn’t be happier!
For those of you that were interested, I’ll post the Pumpkin Cheesecake Squares recipe tonight or tomorrow.
Since there is no new knitting to show you, I’ll leave you with another quizzilla……
You are bamboo.
Warm, cozy, and thoughtful, you take your time and
enjoy how things feel, smell, and taste. You
love the craft and beauty of traditional
things, and you value the comfort and
experience of knitting as much as the results.
But while you are reveling in your warm cozies,
don’t get stuck. Warm is wonderful, but so is
the whole wide world!
What kind of knitting needles are you?
brought to you by Quizilla
Our friend, the heating guy, is here – YAY gotta run!


2 responses to “~Never a dull moment~

  1. You have three very terrific daughters there!! It sounds like they are close too, I love that the older sister offered to help the younger one with her schoolwork transition!! What a wonderful family. And hurrah for the heat! All my wishes for some knitting time for you soon!!

  2. Cathy, your girls are beautiful! You must be so proud of them. I’m sure it’s going to be quite a transition for Em moving into a new class halfway through the year, but it sounds like the right move for her. Like you, though, I would’ve been upset that the teachers hadn’t discussed their concerns with me earlier in the year. But, I’m sure she’ll blossom in her new class with all your (family’s) support. And good thinking with the crockpot! 🙂 I need to remember to use mine more often. I love pumpkin cheesecake and can’t wait to see your version. Hope you’re able to squeeze in some knitting time this weekend- sounds like you have the perfect weather for it (and toasty toes now that you have heat)! I can’t even fathom 20’s to 30’s…it’s been dropping down to 75 here at night and I’ve been shivering!! LOL

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