~Vermont~ repost

~Vermont~ repost

This will be a quick post – I just got home from work and have to be at my oldest daughter’s Field Hockey Game (It’s been three years and I STILL don’t understand this game), and an hour after that I have to be at the Softball Banquet – softball is another story- that COMPLETELY RULES MY LIFE!

I digress…. For those of you that asked, yesterday was a lovely trip to Vermont, mini-van LOADED to the roof – three college kids – lap tops – architecture projects and the MOST important thing…. Video games! Lol. We had a pretty nice ride, it wasn’t sunny, but THANKFULLY, it wasn’t raining. When we were about 5 miles from the college there was 4 inches of SNOW on the ground….SNOW…. it was the first time I actually wanted to turn around and come back! Thankfully, they all had the common sense to bring their winter jackets and boots – they are going to need them as I’ve heard predictions that Vermont could be getting up to a foot this week!!!!

On the knitting front, I got a little done, but it got too dark to knit for too long (


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