~Finished Objects~Gotta Love ’em~

FINISHED Socks!!!!!!!!
These are some nice toasty warm house/clog socks. I love them. This was a project I started about a month ago and just let sit – can’t remember what the yarn is, but it is really a pretty natural tweed. They worked up super fast on size 5 dpn’s – instant gratification project! Gotta love those! I think I’ll be making more of this type of sock for the winter – I just got my first oil bill – UGH! (another excuse to knit ;))
I started working on the 2nd mini Red Sox sock last night during the movie with my girls (While You Were Sleeping), and did something totally outrageous after the little heel – I put it down in total disgust and am now off to see if I can figure it out – with some magnifiers! lol
Have a great day!

2 responses to “~Finished Objects~Gotta Love ’em~

  1. Those are great. Where did you get the pattern. I could use a fast knit like that.

  2. Those socks are fabulous! They look so warm and comfy, and I bet they’ll get a lot of use this winter. (Living in Hawaii, I wouldn’t know too much about winter, but I’m guessing. :)) I’m inspired to make some fun ones like those for myself. Great job!

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