~Socks, Socks, Socks~

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I spent a fantastic day with my daughter Emily yesterday. We went shopping and I bought a few “to me, from me” birthday gifts. The Socks, Socks, Socks, book is great, I had never seen it before. There is quite a variety of socks in there, and Em and I have picked out some that we must have (I’ll try to post some more pics soon). Socks Plain and Simple, just arrived and I look forward to spending some time looking through it later. As promised, here is a pic of one of the Trekking skeins – My daughter Melyssa picked that one for her socks and I chose the Swizzle – they are both gorgeous! I also picked up some Wooly Nylon to use as reinforcement in the heels of socks. If there is anyone out there reading this blog, I’d love to know your opinion and/or experience with Wooly Nylon. Does it extend the life of the sock? How is it to work with?

Here is the result of my Sock Profile, It seems there is no hope for me~ lol.
Super long sock
Wow! You would have been a pair of socks as long
as it’s possible for socks to be before they’re
tights – and all multi-coloured with pretty
patterns and detail all over the place – then
you could stand and admire your sock-self all
What type of sock are you?
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I wish you all a great Sunday, I will be going out for a relaxing Birthday Dinner with my DH and girls – some knitting in the car – and a snuggle up on the couch with the girls for a movie night!
Happy Knitting!

2 responses to “~Socks, Socks, Socks~

  1. Happy birthday! Looks like you made out well too–love the yarns and the books. Perfect for Socktoberfest! 🙂 Thanks for making the cute button. I added it to my site.Have a great Sunday~

  2. Happy Birthday. Great gifts you got there. Hehe those are always the best ones-to you from you. Can’t wait to see some socks.

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