~Sheep~Socks~Mini Socks~Throws~

How cute is this little guy? This is a PUPPY toy! Someone who has no respect for our fiber-giving little friends designed this I’m sure 😦 I can NOT imagine giving him to little Beau and listening to the agonized little sheep noises he would be making (he sounds like a REAL sheep) — I think he will keep me company while I play with the blog or knit 🙂

Speaking of knitting….. I haven’t done any since Saturday– I have been doing tons of work at home lately, which has seriously cut into my knitting (and sleeping) time. I have, however, reserved tonight. I will NOT think about laundry, or laundry or, for that matter, laundry — I will NOT fall asleep sitting up in my chair, giving the puppy the opportunity to CHEW ON my knitting! I’m going to gleefully work on some socks for Socktober Fest. I will use any excuse to knit socks :). I bought some beautiful Trekking not too long ago that I’m dying to use (I’ll put up a picture soon).

Then, of course, there is the mate for the mini Red Sox sock (see previous post)- I should probably do that one first since the friend who has been hinting about HOW MUCH she would LOVE some Red Sox earrings’ birthday has passed . but . . . . then . . . .


There is this lovely circular throw . . . . . . . . .
I have changed the colors to suit me and I love working this project. It’s great when I’m in some serious need of instant gratification due to the frequent color changes. Along with changing the colors, I’ve done the increases differently. The pattern calls for yo’s for the increase rows, which cause little holes – evenly spaced throughout the afghan – I prefer not to have holes. I have been working M1 increases and, as you can see, there aren’t any holes (YAY) . I have also switched to the Russian Join when changing colors as I HATE HATE HATE having ends peeking through and since I have children who love to be cuddled up in afghans. I just KNOW there would be many ends poking through the more it was stretched and fought over, which would cause me great distress – which would make me dislike this lovely throw, but NEVER EVER EVER my children 😉
I’m off to find something to feed the family and KNIT!
(Today my world is good!)

2 responses to “~Sheep~Socks~Mini Socks~Throws~

  1. Your afghan looks beautiful!!! I just love that pattern. I want to make another one… I have plenty of yarn leftover, and when I do it, I am going to try the M1 increase on it. Yours looks grand!So glad you joined Socktoberfest too. Can’t wait to see the Trekking. I love that yarn :)Have a happy weekend~

  2. I’m almost finished making that same throw. I like the idea of using m1 to increase instead of the yo. Why can’t I ever come up with these things on my own?

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