Welcome to my sometimes (ok mostly) out of control world! Knitting plays a big part in this world…. I’m not a great knitter, not even a speedy knitter, I sometimes have an incredibly short attention span and the second sock in a pair will sit for a long time, … well…… long enough that dust becomes really, REALLY attached to it – – in a loving sort of way, or so I like to believe. Friends have received one sock as a gift with the promise of the second one to follow along shortly – I have an uncanny ability to put off finishing the final 1/3 of an object because “I still have plenty of time” … they love me for it (I hope).

My choices of projects are (bizarre, according to those closest to me) random. I have a plethora of ufo’s distributed in various places. I’m fickle, I admit it – just yesterday I found that it was imperative (while watching the Red Sox and Yankees game) that I knit a micro-mini, Red Sox sock — as soon as the puncture wounds in my fingers, from the insanely small, pointy 0000 needles, heal and I can refocus my eyes, maybe there will be a mate for it (or not) .

I love knitting, I love shopping for yarn, I love planning projects, I have beautiful knitting bags (and plastic shopping bags) with wonderful projects waiting for me to finish and waiting and waiting and waiting….. well…… you get the idea. I love to read about knitting, hear about knitting, I braved a sinus infection and led my older non-knitting (ugh! lets not go there) daughter down the road to ruin (well not really) by missing her third annual (see I’m not that bad) drug and alcohol awareness meeting, to head to the Sheep Shack for an evening with the incredibly entertaining and talented Yarn Harlot ! We had a ball, she picked out yarn for socks (Trekking – lovely stuff), I picked out yarn for socks, she wants socks, two socks………
I have been alone for a day and a half, as the rest of the family are visiting my oldest in college this weekend. I have been left here to babysit the puppy (chocolate lab), the cat and a few fish, have a restful weekend, catch up on the wash (doesn’t that cancel out restful weekend?), get some work done at home and perhaps knit. I am TOTALLY PARALYZED by the possibilities – – should I work on the circular throw, the “few” pairs of socks that are started, the felted bag, felted slippers, the Knitted Babe, the teddy bear — WHAT should I do????? What did I do? ….. I knit a MINI RED SOX SOCK! I punctured holes in my fingers, ruined my vision and have one MINI SOCK to show for it! I did, however, manage to keep the puppy out of surgery by removing one of the lethal 0000 needles out of his slimy little MOUTH! As soon as my digital camera returns from the aforementioned college visit, I’ll share the wonderful “mini sock” with you all!

So…. Welcome To My World – some days it’s quite a ride!




6 responses to “~~Welcome~~

  1. Welcome to the world of blogging. I hope you enjoy blogging as much as I do! Can’t wait to see pictures!Cathy

  2. Great fun to read your blog! Thanks,Dianne – an oldie on the knit listzltwjstq

  3. Hi! So glad you decided to join the blog world. I love it and I know you will too!I would love to see the pictures of the circular afghan that you made!Take care~

  4. Welcome to the blog world! I can’t wait to see what you have to share. I’m a knitting addict and am not afraid to admit it. I’m also addicted to sewing, blogging… oh gosh the list is a bit longer than I thougtht. Well, at least I can admit it.;)

  5. Congratulations on the birth of you new blog – hope you have a ball with it! Can’t wait to see some photos of your knitting!

  6. Blogging is great fun. Your blog is going to be great fun. Welcome.Kate

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